Intermediate English Lessons

Are you looking for intermediate English courses in Singapore to become a more confident English speaker? We can help. Here at ULC, we offer high-quality English lessons for all levels in a comfortable and friendly environment. Apart from improving your English, we also provide you access to a close-knit language community where you can meet like-minded individuals.


Intermediate English Classes Are For Students Who:

    Are already able to communicate in simple English, but wish to develop intermediate English language skills.

    Would like to learn how to express feelings and understand complex thoughts.

    Want to begin experimenting with writing.

    Want to become a more confident English speaker in work and social settings.

    What can I expect at Intermediate Level English classes?

    English classes at ULC are fun, engaging and focus on the practical applications of the English language. The lessons will also help to improve your grasp of English in all aspects, such as vocabulary, reading, listening and comprehension. Our intermediate English classes are conducted in a group setting, which is perfect for students who enjoy meeting new friends and connecting with like-minded individuals.

    Of course, we also have private English classes for students who prefer a more personalised setting. With our team of qualified teachers, you will become a confident language learner in no time! We also have a dedicated team of multilingual staff who will assist you at every step of your English language learning journey.


    ULC Intermediate English Curriculum & Outcomes

    Designed for those who already possess a basic grasp of English, ULC’s Intermediate Level English Course elevates your language skills to the next level. You’ll learn to express emotions, comprehend complex ideas, and even explore writing techniques. Our engaging group classes foster camaraderie among like-minded learners, making each session a dynamic exchange of ideas. Under the guidance of our qualified instructors, you’ll see remarkable progress in all aspects of English, including vocabulary, reading, listening, and comprehension. At ULC, we don’t just teach English; we immerse you in a supportive language community in Singapore that propels your journey towards English fluency in both work and social settings.

    Choose ULC For Intermediate English Classes

    Selecting ULC for Intermediate English classes is a choice rooted in expertise, experience, and excellence. With over a decade of empowering language learners, ULC stands as a beacon of quality education in Singapore. Our commitment to nurturing confident English speakers is evidenced by the thousands of successful students who have passed through our doors. Our instructors, each a passionate language enthusiast, bring a wealth of knowledge and teaching prowess to the classroom. Their dedication to your progress is unparalleled.

    Diverse group of people at an English language school event, intermediate level.

    When you choose ULC, you’re not merely choosing a language school; you’re joining a vibrant language community that supports your growth. From engaging group classes to personalised private lessons, our flexible learning options cater to your needs. Trust ULC to be your partner in mastering English, taking you beyond language acquisition to a world of endless opportunities. Choose ULC and embark on a transformative journey towards language fluency and personal growth.


    Intermediate English Course Prices

    SGD 760

    Trial Package

    Experience the fun of learning English with an 8-lesson package at ULC.

    SGD 1,968

    24 Lesson Package

    Get a half-term package with 24 lesson credits, valid for 16 weeks.

    SGD 3,680

    48 Lesson Package
    (1 Term)

    Enjoy a full-term package with 48 lesson credits, valid for 32 weeks.


    English Lessons For Intermediate Level

    Mastering the English language on your own can be an uphill task, but with our experienced teachers and friendly environment, you are certainly in good hands. If you are looking to strengthen your grasp of the English language in a fun setting and meet other like-minded peers, our Intermediate Level English lessons are for you.


    What our students say:

    Assistant Sales Manager

    Like most students growing up in Korea, I was able to read and write in English, but conversation had always been my weakness. I looked for a language centre which could help bring my conversation to business level, and ULC was the perfect place to achieve my goals.

    The teachers from ULC are full of experience and knowledge in various fields, and this enabled me to expand my vocabulary and to speak more formally and confidently. Teachers willingly embraced my suggestions and used the best learning method to suit my needs.

    Thanks to ULC, I could not only finish my training program successfully but also gain confidence in English. For anyone who seeks to improve their business English, I highly recommend ULC.

    Daisuke Mano
    Sales Manager

    I am learning business English which can be used in the real business world, e.g., people management, project management, presentations, meetings, and so on. The class content is created from real professional experience gained from several industries, and the knowledge shared is invaluable in everyday working life. The role-play and scenario-based learning used to teach is a very effective way to learn, and is a lot of fun. I recommend these classes to anyone either working, or looking to work in the corporate world, that wants to improve their performance and give themselves an advantage.

    Violet Hu
    Sales and Marketing

    During my English lessons with ULC, I was able to get more practice in speaking and making conversations. My pronunciation, grammar errors, and incorrect expressions were corrected in a friendly yet professional way.

    The teachers were very experienced in organising classroom activities to help us get more effective practice. I feel that I have improved my speaking skills using a wide-range of topics. In Business English, I learned a lot of new vocabulary, phrases, and useful expressions, which continue to help me to communicate with my colleagues and customers better.

    My teachers were knowledgeable, friendly, and patient when teaching and answering my questions whenever I asked them. ULC’s lessons definitely helped in making me a more confident English speaker.

    Basic English Conversation Lessons for Beginners

    Before arriving in Singapore, I was looking for some English schools. As soon as I arrived, I scheduled visits, but without a doubt, ULC won my heart the moment I was greeted by the team. The staff are very friendly and the teachers excellent.

    In the past, I always thought that learning the English language was a very difficult task. I tried to learn before, however, without success.

    At school, besides the class content, they taught me that I was capable of learning something new. I‘m getting better every day and I just have to thank everyone at ULC during my time in Singapore. 💖.

    Beginner English Lessons Homepage OverviewAnita

    When I first came to Singapore, I wanted to study English. I joined one school and had some lessons, but it didn’t suit me. My friend suggested going to ULC for a trial lesson.

    The teachers are friendly, so I immediately liked it. I enrolled in the course and became an active member of the class. I started recommending friends and organising class lunches.

    I was more confident when going to parents’ meetings, and I could communicate with my child’s foreign teachers. Learning English at ULC allows me to meet more friends. I love learning English at ULC, it is truly one of the best English courses I have attended in Singapore.

    Essential English Vocabulary for BeginnersJanice

    I work in a Korean company. I don’t have the opportunity to use English, so I wanted to take the chance to take an English language course in Singapore.

    I took trial language courses elsewhere, but compared to the other places, ULC was so good and my trial class was so fun! I had a lot of opportunities to talk and it was great to study English while communicating with people from other countries while I was in Singapore!

    The teacher corrects pronunciation and grammar, but explains it easily so that you can understand! If you want to communicate with other people and learn English together, I recommend ULC business class! 😁

    Intermediate English FAQs

    How different is intermediate English from beginner English?

    Intermediate English builds upon the foundation laid in beginner courses. In intermediate levels, you’ll focus on expressing complex ideas, improving vocabulary, refining grammar, and practising more advanced reading and listening comprehension. It’s a significant step towards fluency and confident communication in various real-world situations.

    How long do students typically spend at intermediate English?

    The duration varies from student to student based on their starting proficiency and learning pace. On average, students spend several months in intermediate English classes. ULC’s flexible packages allow you to progress at your own speed, ensuring you gain confidence and proficiency before moving to advanced levels.

    What are the key learning outcomes from intermediate English lessons?

    Intermediate English classes at ULC aim to:

    • Enhance your ability to express complex ideas.
    • Expand your vocabulary for various contexts.
    • Improve your grammatical accuracy.
    • Develop advanced reading and listening comprehension.
    • Boost your confidence in real-world communication, both in work and social settings.
    • These outcomes prepare you to navigate a wide range of professional and personal interactions with fluency and ease.
    Take Intermediate Level English Classes at ULC Today

    Learning the English language can be an enjoyable and enriching experience with the right environment and qualified teachers. Whether you are just starting out on your English learning journey, looking to brush up on your professional English skills or want to let your child pick up a new language, we have the right course for you.


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