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Singapore’s Leading English School

With an impressive 11-year journey, ULC has solidified its position as one of the best English schools in Singapore. Using our extensive experience, we’ve empowered over 10,000 students to confidently master the English language through our courses.


ULC English Language Teachers in Singapore

At the heart of our success are our dedicated teachers who lead 80 classes, fostering an environment of personalised learning with an intimate class size limited to 10 students.

Our teachers are instructed and trained to inspire students to be confident language learners.

Confidence inspires action, and action leads to results. This commitment to quality education sets ULC apart as a leading force in English language learning.


Explore Our English Courses

Our goals are to inspire students to be confident English learners, create a comfortable learning atmosphere, and build a language community in Singapore.

Embark on a transformative language journey with ULC’s diverse range of English lessons designed to unlock your potential. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional aiming for mastery, we have tailored courses for you.

Explore Essential English to build a strong foundation for you to learn English, choose English For Professionals to improve your English proficiently at work, join our Kids’ English Lessons to empower young minds, or opt for personalised Private 1-on-1 sessions. Your goals can be achieved at ULC.


Essential English Course Materials

Essential English Course

Recommended for those who:

  • Need a general English course in Singapore
  • Want to build a basic foundation in English
  • Seek English fluency and accuracy
  • Desire enhanced conversation skills
  • Value holistic English improvement
  • Thrive on making friends in Singapore
    Children Learning English in Singapore School

    Kids' English Lessons

    Ideal for children who wish to:

    • Build confidence and fluency
    • Learn through engaging activities
    • Follow the trusted IB Early Years framework
    Focused English Class for Child's Language Development

    Private English Lessons

    Tailored for students who prefer:

    • Personalised, flexible lessons
    • Focused attention on specific needs
    • Learning one-on-one
    • Customisable study schedules
    Private English Course in Singapore Classroom

    English For Professionals

    Suitable for those who:

    • Seek workplace English confidence
    • Strive for fluency and accuracy
    • Aim to boost vocabulary
    • Want to excel in professional English
    English for Foreigners

    English for Foreigners

    Ideal for:

    • Newcomers to Singapore
    • Individuals from diverse nationalities seeking to learn english
    • Want to excel in professional English

    Meet Our English Class Teachers

    At ULC, our strength lies in our dedicated team of educators with diverse expertise drawn from various backgrounds. Each instructor is deeply committed to your journey towards English mastery, ensuring a holistic and enriching learning experience. With their passion and proficiency, you’re in capable hands on your path to linguistic excellence when you study English in Singapore at ULC.

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    What Our Students Say About Us

    Why ULC’s English Lessons?

    Expert Teachers

    Experienced teachers who are experts in teaching English learners in Singapore

    Flexible Schedule

    Manage your class schedule and credits by scheduling from our student portal. Whether you want to go on a holiday or take a day off, you can cancel your upcoming classes on our App and book make-up lessons

    Friendly Staff and Great Facilities

    Our friendly and professional staff are able to assist you with multiple languages

    Language Community

    Bringing people together is our passion. A focus on community allows our students to make new friends and meet like-minded people

    About us

    Business English Language School in Singapore

    Smart learning that you will love

    Our Vision

    To inspire confidence in speaking a second language, provide friendly, professional customer service, and to create an international language learning community.

    Our Mission

    At ULC, we have a mission to be the world’s most effective language learning brand. To do this, we have established a sense of community, comfort, and confidence.

    Flexible Learning Options

    ULC prioritises your unique learning preferences by offering a spectrum of options tailored to your lifestyle. Our versatile approach includes engaging group classes that foster a sense of community, private lessons for personalised attention, and flexible schedules that adapt to your commitments. Whether you thrive in a collaborative environment or seek individualised guidance, ULC ensures your English learning journey aligns seamlessly with your needs.

    Visit Our Schools

    ULC (City Hall)

    Enquiry (City Hall): +65 60150910
    1 Coleman Street #10-11
    The Adelphi
    Singapore 179803

    ULC (Orchard)

    ULC (City Hall)

    Enquiry (City Hall): +65 60150910
    1 Coleman Street #10-11
    The Adelphi
    Singapore 179803

    ULC (Orchard)

    Enquiry (Orchard): +65 68166881
    111 Somerset Rd #12-22
    Singapore 238164

    English Courses FAQs

    Can English lessons be cancelled or rescheduled if students are unable to attend?

    We understand that our students are busy, and we want to help. Whether you are going on holiday or just feel like taking a day off, you are able to manage by cancelling your upcoming classes on our App and book make-up lessons.

    How many students are there in each English class?

    Small classes are important at ULC and that’s why we have 3 to 10 students in our classes.

    Are there intensive English courses available?

    Students can use the Student Portal to book and manage additional classes at their convenience to meet their study needs.

    How diverse are the nationalities in your English lessons?

    We always try to mix various nationalities in each class.

    How much do ULC English courses cost?

    Explore the pricing table on our Essential English page and rates on our Private English Lessons page. For English For Professionals and Kids’ English Lessons, contact our team for detailed information.

    When can I start English classes?

    You can start at any time after your level test and trial lesson.

    What payment methods are accepted for English courses?

    Our school accepts Cash, online payment, Cheque, NETS, Bank Transfer, and major Credit Cards (Visa, Master, Amex or Unionpay), and WeChat Pay.

    Do you also hold seminars, activities, theme classes or events for ULC students?

    We hold English Excursions every month, taking students to all kinds of places like museums, cultural tours, and even English Karaoke.

    We have theme classes like movie classes, shopping, cafes, and more!

    Can I transfer to another class or change my class schedule?

    Absolutely! Your group class package is universal, so you are able to use your class package to book any other group classes within your English level, as long as there is a seat in the class.

    All of this can be managed in the Student Portal.

    What sets your school apart from others?

    ULC fosters a community-driven environment, combining comfort and confidence. With a track record of transforming learners into confident English speakers, we stand out as Singapore’s premier choice.

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