The most qualified and talented individuals

Matthew Fast

Hello, my name is Matt and I have been living and teaching English in Singapore since 2006, just after getting my TESOL certificate and I have been in love with teaching English ever since. I really enjoy learning about Asia, its culture and languages, particularly Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Mark Schenker

My name is Mark and I was born in the United States and went to university in New York. After graduating, I worked as an English teacher in Japan before moving to Singapore. I love learning Japanese and hope to learn Chinese and Korean someday too! I also enjoy reading books and watching movies..

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Natalie Milne

Hi, My name is Natalie. I moved from sunny Australia in March 2015. I enjoy teaching English and chatting with students and connecting with them on a personal level. In my class, I make sure that the students are laughing and having fun, while focussing on conversational English..

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Carol Thomas

Hi, my name is Carol, and I was born in Kuwait. I moved from Dubai to Singapore in December 2018, with my husband and two children. My earlier experience includes training adults in Culture and Communications at Microsoft and other corporates like Infosys, IBM, etc. I’ve also helped prepare..

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Lee Xin Yan Alyssa

Hi, my name is Alyssa. I was born in Singapore but I have lived in several countries. I have a deep love for people and cultures and I am passionate about empowering and connecting people. I enjoy connecting with people and learning about cultures of the world, which is why I love teaching English..

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Gerard Vincent Cox

Hi I’m Gerry! Originally from Ireland, I spent eleven years living and working in Australia before moving to Singapore in 2004. I’ve worked in a variety of jobs and industries over the years, including chemicals/pharmaceuticals, sportswear, and hospitality. I’ve also spent many years as a pro..

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Natalie Holstad

Hi there, Natalie. I am originally from Singapore and have lived in the US, Nicaragua and Norway. I’m half Norwegian, half Chinese. I have a great love for people and different cultures, which is why I enjoy teaching English as a second language. I am passionate about language and communication..

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Celeste Valdes Lim

Hello, my name is Celeste. I am from Singapore and I have studied in Australia and the United States. I obtained my CELTA in 2018 however, I’ve been teaching English to all ages for much longer. I have visited over 30 countries and really love to experience and immerse myself in different cultures..

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Nikhat Shah

Hello Everyone! I am Niki from London. My husband and I moved to Singapore in 2017. I completed my CELTA with the British Council and then began teaching at ULC. I enjoy teaching in groups and one-to-one. I make my lessons fun and memorable and strive to meet the learning needs of each..

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Andrew Carter

Hello students! My name is Andrew and I have been teaching English and business communication for more than 14 years to students from all corners of the world. I love doing activities and pair work in my class. These help use new vocabulary and grammar in a more relaxed way that improves student’s..

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Dhivyah Davina Raveen

Hi, my name is Dhivyah Raveen, born and bred in Singapore.My teaching journey began in 2014 at Education First International Language school where I met many students from all walks of life and fell in love with the teaching profession..

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Rochelle Fu ShuShan

Hello Everyone! My name is Rochelle. I have completed my Master in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in Macquarie University (Sydney) in 2018 as well as Translating and Interpreting Studies for Mandarin and English. I was a certified insurance broker in an MNC company for a few years before I decide to..

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Zoea Tania Chen Jinyan

Hello, my name is Zoea! I am Singaporean and I just did my masters degree in English Literature. During my time as a masters student, I also worked as a Teacher’s assistant and gave seminars to English majors. Outside of teaching, I’m also a writer of theatre and film. I love magical things,..

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Amanda Scully

Coming Soon..

Abhay Shah

Hello students, I am Abs from London. I worked in senior positions for large multinational companies (MNCs) across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and America for 25 years. I am an experienced trainer and teacher and my students quickly achieve outstanding results. Learning a second..

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Piritta Rasanen

I’m Pipa from Finland and I moved to Singapore in 2018. I enjoy teaching English and learning from my students about their cultures, countries and languages. I encourage my students to express themselves in English without worrying about making mistakes and participating in class as much as..

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Russell Cheok

Hi Everyone My name is Russell, and I enjoy studying languages and how languages work. More importantly, I like teaching and learning new languages and meeting people of different cultures around the world. I hope to be able to help you learn English and enjoy the learning process..

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Uvarajan RK

Hello there, Uva is the name. Born and bred in sunny and sometimes rainy Singapore, I moved from soldiering to soldering bonds with my students. The transition from flying the skies to flying the whiteboard has been interesting. I aim to inject fun into learning and make learning a delightful experience for all. Cheers