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English Classes for Adults in Singapore

Seeking to enhance your fluency in English? United Language Centre’s (ULC) Essential English lessons are tailored just for that. Designed for adults in Singapore, our courses encompass the core components of English. From pronunciation to grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking, we equip you with the skills to handle diverse communication needs with ease.

With the guidance of our experienced teachers, you will gain the support you need to become a more confident English speaker who articulates with precision and poise. Join us today to fast-track your progress towards linguistic mastery. 

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Adult English Course Overview: Proficiency Levels

Level 0-2
Level 3-4
Level 5-6
Level 7-8

Comprehensive English Course Textbook for Adult Beginners

Pre-Beginner (Level 0)


The basics of English, such as alphabets and numbers, and the foundational grammar structure needed to form simple sentences.


Recognise and say alphabets, numbers, and basic simple words.


Beginner (Level 1)


Basic introductory phrases and everyday expressions, including numeracy.


Do a basic self-introduction, ask and answer personal questions, and engage in basic communication with others.


English Writing Course Textbook for Singapore Adults

Elementary (Level 2)


Expressions relating to daily communication about food, shopping and personal information that will help you get around Singapore


Engage in more detailed conversations with others, especially in everyday situations such as ordering food, asking for directions, and making purchases.

English Grammar Course Material for Adults

Pre-Intermediate (Level 3)


How to communicate with others in a social setting with limited but sufficient basic knowledge of English.


Gain a deeper understanding of topics relating to your daily life, such as work, school and leisure, and handle most situations involving communication in English.


Intermediate (Level 4)


English for everyday communication, sports, psychology, music, jobs, and other settings, and how to effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts to others while taking nuances into consideration.


Form thoughts on topics closely related to life, and briefly express your opinions.

Intermediate+ (Level 5)


You will hone your basic English skills and continue to learn skills needed to communicate effectively regarding daily happenings such as on school, work and leisure topics. You will also learn how to deal with most situations that require communication in English during your travels and produce connected text on topics of interest to you.


Describe events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and provide reasons and opinions.


Basic Communication Skills Course Book for English Learners

Upper-Intermediate (Level 6)


You will learn to interpret more complex text for both concrete and abstract topics to get the main ideas. You will also be exposed to a wider range of topics that go beyond basic daily happenings.


Interact with fluency and spontaneity that make regular interaction or discussion comfortable.

Beginner English Textbook Highlighting Grammar Basics

Advanced (Level 7)


Content and topics that are more demanding and challenging and require a deeper level of interpretation. You will also hone your comprehension skills at a higher level where you are required to recognise implicit meanings in conversations or text.


Express yourself fluently and appropriately according to the setting – be it formal, academic or professional. You will also form strong opinions on a wide range of topics and should be able to produce clear, well-structured and detailed text or speech.


Advanced+ (Level 8)


Complex forms of English usage, including vocabulary that are not commonly used, and grammar concepts that go beyond basics. You will also receive ample opportunities to present your thoughts and opinions while honing your critical thinking skills.


Become a confident and convincing speaker who can effectively persuade others with your speech through a structured and well-detailed presentation.

Adult English Lesson Packages

Join us to make language learning more enjoyable!

S $ 1700


Half-term Package

Enjoy an 20-lesson package (40 hours) for adults with us to experience how learning English is fun here at ULC!

S $ 3,040


40 Lesson Package
(1 term)

Enjoy a 40-lesson package (80 hours) for adults with us to experience how learning English is fun here at ULC!

S $5,520

(Normal Price 6,000)

80 Lesson Package
(2 terms)

Enjoy a 80-lesson package (160 hours) for adults with us to experience how learning English is fun here in ULC!

*All prices stated are inclusive of 9% GST

Adult English Class Schedule

Starting in 2024, our new Friday English Speaking Conversation Class designed to provide students with more opportunities for interpersonal communication, enhance their oral expression skills, and boost language confidence. Our flexible schedule ensures you can select the learning times that suit your preferences.

Flexible Learning Options: You can choose between Monday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday classes. If you are eager for even more learning, we’ve got you covered with 4 or 5-day options.

Monday to Thursday Courses

Time Options: 09:30-11:30 | 11:40-13:40 | 19:00-21:00

Friday Course (Conversational Class)

Time Options: 09:30-11:30 | 11:40-13:40 

Choose ULC for Adult English Lessons in Singapore

Since our inception in 2012, United Language Centre has endeavoured to be both a centre of English language excellence and a nurturing community that has benefitted over 10,000 students. Maintaining a small student-teacher ratio with a maximum of 10 students per class, we pride ourselves on the intimate learning environment we offer that allows for personalised attention to each pupil. With over 80 available English courses for kids and adults in Singapore, ULC proudly holds a track record of excellence and dedication in English instruction.

Meet The Teachers For Our Adult English Course

At the core of our English language school is our team of talented teachers, each committed to helping adult learners enhance their English proficiency. By leveraging their diverse experiences and achievements, we enhance your journey with us.

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What Our Students Say About Us

Learning Outcomes Of Our Essential English Courses

At ULC, our English courses for adults are designed to help learners in Singapore navigate the English-speaking realm with finesse. By choosing ULC, you’re set to gain:

Improved Communication Skills

Improved Communication Skills

Our core objective is to arm you with tools for assertive expression, be it in daily scenarios or professional spaces. Through our communication courses, you’ll learn different aspects of effective communication, such as active listening and persuasive speaking techniques, which can help you to:

  • Beginner: Confidently express ideas in English and effectively communicate your needs and preferences in social settings
  • Intermediate: Deliver presentations with clarity and impact, confidently engage in negotiations and foster strong working relationships.
  • Advanced: Excel in leading meetings and discussions, articulate strategic business visions with conviction and navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with confidence.
Proficient Writing Skills

Proficient Writing Skills

Beyond just speaking, we accentuate the art of written expression. Our English writing classes for adults provide a platform for honing your writing prowess. You’ll gain proficient writing skills that will enable you to:

  • Beginner: Compose clear and coherent emails, reports, and messages, allowing you to express ideas in written form with confidence.
  • Intermediate: Produce polished business documents, such as proposals, memos and project plans, empowering you to convey complex information concisely and persuasively.
  • Advanced: Develop thought leadership content and engaging materials, enabling your written words to be a powerful tool for convincing others.
Increased Confidence

Increased Confidence

Mastering the English language can help you be more self-assured in diverse social and professional interactions with native speakers. Our English speaking course focuses not only on fluency but also on building confidence in verbal expression. With those skills, you will be able to:

  • Beginner: Participate actively in group discussions, engage in basic conversations in English and express yourself more fluently.
  • Intermediate: Feel confident delivering more complex communication tasks, such as delivering presentations, participating in meetings, and networking with professionals in your field.
  • Advanced: Excel in roles that require strong communication skills, like public speaking, mentoring, and leading cross-functional teams.
Enhanced Employability

Enhanced Employability

Verbal eloquence and the ability to effectively articulate thoughts in writing enhance your professional allure, enabling you to broaden your career horizons and stand out in the job market. With our English course for adults, you’ll acquire the basic English speaking and writing skills essential for today’s workplace demands. You will be prepared for:

  • Beginner: Acquiring fundamental English skills provides you with entry to jobs that require basic communication skills.
  • Intermediate: As your language skills develop, you’ll be eligible for positions that require stronger communication skills.
  • Advanced: Mastery of English communication opens the doors to high-level roles and advancement into leadership functions and international assignments.

Join us at ULC today to unlock a transformative learning experience that amplifies your communication prowess, career prospects, and opens doors to innumerable opportunities.

English School For Adults in Singapore FAQs

Are your English lessons for adults suitable for beginners with no prior English knowledge?

Yes, our English lessons are tailored for adults of all proficiency levels, including beginners with no prior knowledge in English. Employing a structured approach, we ensure every learner starts with conversational English and builds a solid foundation in the basics before gradually progressing at a comfortable pace.

Can guidance be provided as to which adult English course package is suitable for me?

Certainly! Speak to our team today for personalised guidance to help you select the right English course that aligns best with your goals and proficiency level.

Do you provide a trial package to help me assess the suitability of your English for adults courses?

Yes, we offer an eight-lesson trial package for students to experience and gauge the fit of our adult English courses before committing further.

What is the success rate of your English classes for adults?

Our adult English courses maintain a notable success rate. For instance, the centre witnessed impressive sign-ups during our centre’s grand opening, reflecting the trust of attendees in the calibre of our institution.

Can English lessons be cancelled or rescheduled if students are unable to attend?

Recognising that our adult students’ lead busy lives, ULC offers the my ULC app for hassle-free cancellation and rescheduling of lessons. Whether it’s a vacation or an emergency, ULC ensures flexibility in managing your English learning journey.

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