We Provide Private English Classes in Singapore

Are you a non-native English speaker, and in need of some help to brush up your English while living in Singapore? Worry not as ULC is more than apt to provide you with the right English course to cater to your needs.

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Choose between 10, 20, or 40 hours of Private English Lessons.

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Private English Lesson Overview

Recommended for Students who prefer:

Challenges non-native English speakers experience with trying to understand the English language.

Difficulties caused by using verbal and written communications that are lengthy, and use jargon and colloquialisms.

Time that secondary English speakers need to translate from English language to their native language and vice versa, especially while speaking.

Different levels of English ability in a multinational environment.

Perks Of Having A Private English Class

Picking up a new skill or language usually involves a certain amount of embarrassing moments – wrong pronunciation, using the wrong words or simply due to lack of knowledge or understanding of the language. Learning in private, in this case, can definitely help new learners eliminate their fear of speaking a new language in public to strangers or their colleagues at work.

Private English lessons at ULC are ideal for any foreigners or expatriates who are living in Singapore and don’t feel confident or comfortable enough to try speaking a new language in front of other people yet. Our private classes will get you to a level whereby you will feel confident enough to participate in conversations in English with other Singaporeans with the help of our experienced teachers.


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