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Our 1 to 1 and Online Private English Lesson

Are you a non-native English speaker looking for English lessons in Singapore who is unable to commit to a fixed schedule and/or would prefer to have more attention from your teacher? Worry not, as ULC offers private lessons (online/face-to-face) to cater to your convenience.

One-on-One English Lessons Tailored for Individual Needs

Perks Of Having A Private English Lesson

Picking up a new skill or language usually involves a certain amount of embarrassing moments – wrong pronunciation, use of wrong words or simply due to a lack of knowledge or understanding of the language. Learning in private, in this case, can definitely help new learners eliminate their fear of speaking a new language in public to strangers or colleagues at work.

Private English lessons at ULC are ideal for anyone who does not feel confident enough to speak English in front of other people or who is just uncomfortable making mistakes in front of other classmates. Our 1 to 1 classes in Singapore will allow you to progress at your own pace and get to a level where you will feel confident enough to converse in English, even in business settings. The lessons involve you and a tutor who will provide 1 to 1 feedback and guidance to help improve your fluency, pronunciation, and confidence in speaking. As you become more self-assured, you will be able to move on to higher and more complex concepts with the tutor’s help.

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Focused English Class for Child's Language Development
Kids Participating in Private English Lessons One-on-One

Private English Classes Overview

Recommended for students who:

Prefer 1 to 1 English tuition or online training classes that challenge non-native speakers to improve their understanding of the English language.

Experience difficulties caused by using verbal and written communications that are lengthy and which use jargon and colloquialisms.

Need time to translate from the English language to their native language and vice versa, especially while speaking.

Have different levels of English ability in a multinational environment.

Private English Course Package

Select your term package; each lesson is 55 minutes long.
Choose a Private English Course Package that works for you. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your English skills through professional guidance, ULC offers diverse flexible packages to meet your unique needs.


S $3,110

(normal price 3,200)

Half term package

20 lessons 


S $5776

(normal price 6,080)

1 term package

40 lessons


S $11,187

(normal price 12,160)

2 terms package

80 lessons 

Online Class

S $2,110

(normal price 2,200)

Half term package

20 lessons 

Online Class

S $3,990

(normal price 4,200)

1 term package

40 lessons

Online Class

S $7,728

(normal price 8,400)

2 terms package

80 lessons 

*All prices stated are inclusive of 9% GST

Choose ULC For Private English Lessons

Established in 2012, the United Language Centre (ULC) has continuously strived to create a warm and nurturing community where foreigners can master the English language easily and confidently. To date, our centre has touched the lives of more than 10,000 students. With an emphasis on fostering an intimate learning ambience, we offer private English lessons and maintain a low student-teacher ratio for group lessons—capping at nine students per class. In doing so, we ensure that every student receives individualised attention. Boasting over 80 distinct English courses for both children and adults, ULC proudly holds a track record of excellence and commitment to quality English education.

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What Our Students Say About Us

Meet Our Private English Class Teachers

At ULC, our dedicated teachers are the backbone of our English learning community. Each one is meticulously selected based on a combination of factors as follows:

Academic Progress in Private English Learning

Academic Excellence

At ULC, our private English class instructors hold advanced degrees in English, Linguistics and related degrees, and their academic backgrounds provide a strong foundation, ensuring the highest quality instruction for students.

Review Session for Private English Classes Online

Real-world Experience

Beyond academic achievements, our teachers have been actively involved in teaching English across various settings – from schools to corporate contexts. Their wide-ranging experience makes them adept at tweaking their teaching methods to suit the specific needs of students of all ages and proficiency levels.

Certification Badge for Completed Online English Training Course

Cultural Sensitivity

To ensure that we effectively connect with students from different parts of the world, one of ULC’s key considerations is the cultural sensitivity of our teaching staff. By adopting this stringent selection process, you can trust us to offer a comfortable and inclusive learning environment.

Study Resources for Online English Training Courses

Dedication to Students

At the heart of every ULC teacher is a commitment to student success. As such, we go above and beyond to ensure lessons are engaging, informative, and tailored to your learning style, ensuring you maximise the benefits reaped from each session.

When you enrol in a private English class at ULC, you’re not just investing in a language course; you’re becoming a part of a community led by educators who genuinely care about your progress. Sign up with us today and confidently embark on your English learning journey, knowing you’re in good hands.

Private English Lesson FAQs

Are these private English lessons suitable for beginners or advanced learners?

Absolutely. Our private English lessons are tailored to fit the unique needs of each student. Whether you are a beginner just starting out or an advanced learner looking to refine specific skills, our experienced instructors will customise the lessons accordingly to ensure you get the most out of each session.

Can I choose the topics I want to focus on during private English lessons?

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose the topics that align with your learning goals, whether it’s for exams, business purposes, or daily conversations. Our teachers will then tailor a program and study plan specifically for you.

Should I switch from group classes to private English lessons?

This depends on your personal preferences and learning goals. Group classes like ULC’s Essential English Course for adults and intermediate English lessons enable you to interact with your peers, offering you more opportunities to put your language skills into practice. Meanwhile, private classes like ULC’s private English lessons provide one-on-one attention, customised content, and flexibility in scheduling. This makes it a better choice if you have specific weaknesses you need help with or require the flexibility to work the classes around your lifestyle.

Are one-on-one English lessons available online or in person?

Both options are available. At ULC, we offer online private English classes for foreigners who need the convenience of remote learning and face-to-face sessions for individuals based in Singapore. The latter is ideal for students who value a traditional classroom setting with more hands-on activities and immediate feedback. You can choose the mode of instruction that best fits your learning style and needs.

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Explore our available courses

Children Learning English in Singapore School

Kids' English Lessons

Ideal for children who wish to:

  • Build confidence and fluency
  • Learn through engaging activities
  • Follow the trusted IB Early Years framework
Essential English Course Materials

Essential English Course

Recommended for those who:

  • Need a general English course in Singapore
  • Want to build a basic foundation in English
  • Seek English fluency and accuracy
  • Desire enhanced conversation skills
  • Value holistic English improvement
  • Thrive on making friends in Singapore
    Private English Course in Singapore Classroom

    English For Professionals

    Suitable for those who:

    • Seek workplace English confidence
    • Strive for fluency and accuracy
    • Aim to boost vocabulary
    • Want to excel in professional English