Conversational English Lessons

The Conversational English Course offered at ULC focuses on the basics of the English language and conversational uses of the language for adults. Not only are our classes great for beginners to learn basic English, they are also fun and useful for foreigners who are looking to improve their conversational skills with locals in Singapore.


What is a Conversational English Course?

Our Conversational English courses teach students basic and practical communication skills. Classes are taught by experienced teachers and typically involve a lot of speaking and interaction with other students during lessons. Through more practice during conversations and interaction between students in class, beginners will be able to pick up the language more efficiently. These English courses for foreigners in Singapore are specially designed to help expats in Singapore master the official language of the country.

Practical English communication skills

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is critical, especially in a cosmopolitan hub like Singapore. Our English speaking course zeroes in on practical English communication skills, making it a top-notch conversational English class designed to equip you for real-world interactions.

This isn’t just a basic English course; we cover essential verbal and non-verbal cues, tone modulation, and the art of listening – all vital components of effective communication that go beyond vocabulary and grammar. By participating in our spoken English class in Singapore, you’ll master practical communication techniques that will enable you to hold meaningful conversations, understand contextual nuances, and express yourself with clarity and confidence. Whether you’re looking to socialise with new friends, conduct business, or travel, this course offers a comprehensive approach to learn basic English speaking skills that are immediately applicable in a variety of settings.

Basic English Conversational Lessons

Our basic English conversational lessons offer beginners a judgement-free zone to practise speaking. Our instructors focus on everyday situations – like shopping, asking for directions, or making plans with friends – to give you opportunities for practical application. We combine discussions and peer interactions, equipping students with confidence to hold their own in any English-speaking context.

Easy English Pronunciation Lessons

While vocabulary and grammar are crucial, pronunciation is the key to being understood. Our pronunciation classes for beginners target the common challenges that non-native speakers face, such as vowel sounds, syllable stress, and intonation patterns. You’ll get to practise in real-time, receiving immediate feedback and personalised tips for improvement. With consistent practice and expert guidance, you’ll find that English pronunciation becomes second nature, enabling you to communicate more effortlessly and effectively.


Basic English Lessons For Beginners

Learning basic English doesn’t have to be a struggle if you are taking the lessons at the right school. Here at ULC, our English course for beginners works best for students who wish to focus on picking up basic English conversational skills in a fun and enriching environment, with other like-minded adults.

Basic English Vocabulary Lessons

Build your language foundation with our English lessons that teach the fundamentals of vocabulary. In this component of our basic course, we cover essential words and phrases that you’ll frequently encounter in daily life. From greetings to common expressions, you’ll acquire the vocabulary needed for effective communication

Structured English Grammar Lessons

Grammar is the backbone of any language, and our lessons provide you with the rules and structure needed for accurate expression. This part of our English-speaking course explores tenses, sentence formation, and more, empowering you to speak and write correctly.

Join a class at your English level

Tailored to meet individual needs, you have the opportunity to join a class in Singapore that matches your proficiency in our English course-speaking curriculum. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn basic English or more advanced, there’s a suitable class waiting for you.

ULC Beginner English Curriculum & Outcomes

Choose ULC For Beginner English Classes

When it comes to learning English, choosing the right institution can make all the difference. At ULC, we offer a comprehensive range of courses designed to cater to all levels of proficiency. Here are some reasons why you should consider enrolling in our beginner English classes:

Highly Experienced English Teachers

Our highly experienced English teachers are not just skilled educators; they’re language enthusiasts committed to your learning journey. With years of expertise in teaching English as a second language, they employ effective methodologies and interactive teaching techniques to help you grasp the fundamentals quickly and efficiently. You’re not just learning basic English; you’re learning from the best in the field.

Flexible Learning Arrangements

We understand that life is unpredictable and busy. That’s why we offer flexible learning arrangements to suit your schedule. Whether you prefer weekend classes, evening sessions, or even private one-on-one lessons, we have a solution that accommodates your needs. Our goal is to make your English speaking course in Singapore as convenient and effective as possible.

Join Our Conversational English Community

At ULC, learning extends beyond the classroom. When you enrol in our courses, you become part of a thriving conversational English community. This network of learners and educators provides additional opportunities for practice, social events, and language exchange. It’s a supportive environment that enhances your educational experience and keeps you motivated throughout your language learning journey.

Choose ULC for a learning experience that’s comprehensive, flexible, and community-driven. Sign up today to begin your journey towards mastering English.


Frequently Asked Questions About Beginner & Conversational English Courses

Which topics are suitable for beginners to practise conversational English?

For beginners just starting to learn English, it’s often best to start with everyday topics such as introductions, weather, food, and hobbies. These subjects are common in daily life and provide an excellent foundation for building more complex conversational skills as you advance.

Which TV shows, podcasts, or videos are recommended for English beginners?

Shows like “Friends,” “Sesame Street,” are great for beginners due to their simple language and relatable themes. Podcasts like “ESL Pod,” “BBC Learning English,” and YouTube channels like “EngVid” can also be very helpful.

How do beginners consistently expand their vocabulary?

Consistency is key when it comes to vocabulary expansion. Use flashcards, vocabulary apps, or maintain a journal where you note down new words daily. Make it a habit to read widely, and try to use the new words in your spoken and written communications.

How do beginners overcome the fear of making mistakes during English conversations?

Mistakes are inevitable and essential for growth. At ULC, we understand the apprehensions of beginners. Our seasoned English instructors of our courses foster an environment where learners can practise without fear, ensuring that each student grows more comfortable and confident in their conversational skills over time.

Are there language exchange groups suitable for beginner English speakers?

Yes, there are several language exchange platforms and groups where you can practise English with native speakers or fellow learners. Websites like Tandem and HelloTalk, or community groups on social media platforms, are excellent places to start.

What common phrases are most useful for new English speakers?

Phrases like “How are you?”, “Thank you,” “Please,” “I don’t understand,” and “Could you repeat that?” are incredibly useful for new English speakers. These phrases are commonly used in a variety of situations, making them essential for basic communication. At ULC, our basic English course emphasises these foundational phrases, ensuring learners are equipped to navigate a variety of situations confidently.

Are there exercises recommended for improving English pronunciation?

Absolutely! Tongue twisters, shadowing exercises, and phonetic drills are some effective methods. Apps like “Sounds: The Pronunciation App” can also be handy. At ULC, our basic pronunciation lessons provide targeted practice to help you master the unique sounds of the English language.

Take Beginner English Classes at ULC Today

Learning the English language can be difficult, but with our expert teachers and one-on-one English lessons, our students are definitely in good hands. Whether you wish to learn the basics of English, looking to improve your corporate English skills or simply wish to let your child master a new language, we have the right course for you.


What our students say:

Introduction to English for Beginners
  Assistant Sales Manager

  Like most students growing up in Korea, I was able to read and write in English, but conversation had always been my weakness. I looked for a language centre which could help bring my conversation to business level, and ULC was the perfect place to achieve my goals.

The teachers from ULC are full of experience and knowledge in various fields, and this enabled me to expand my vocabulary and to speak more formally and confidently. Teachers willingly embraced my suggestions and used the best learning method to suit my needs.

Thanks to ULC, I could not only finish my training program successfully but also gain confidence in English. For anyone who seeks to improve their business English, I highly recommend ULC.

Starting English Speaking for Beginners
 Daisuke Mano
 Sales Manager

 I am learning business English which can be used in the real business world, e.g., people management, project management, presentations, meetings, and so on. The class content is created from real professional experience gained from several industries, and the knowledge shared is invaluable in everyday working life. The role-play and scenario-based learning used to teach is a very effective way to learn, and is a lot of fun. I recommend these classes to anyone either working, or looking to work in the corporate world, that wants to improve their performance and give themselves an advantage.

Foundational English Grammar for Beginners
  Violet Hu
  Sales and Marketing

  During my English lessons with ULC, I was able to get more practice in speaking and making conversations. My pronunciation, grammar errors, and incorrect expressions were corrected in a friendly yet professional way.

The teachers were very experienced in organising classroom activities to help us get more effective practice. I feel that I have improved my speaking skills using a wide-range of topics. In Business English, I learned a lot of new vocabulary, phrases, and useful expressions, which continue to help me to communicate with my colleagues and customers better.

My teachers were knowledgeable, friendly, and patient when teaching and answering my questions whenever I asked them. ULC’s lessons definitely helped in making me a more confident English speaker.

Basic English Conversation Lessons for Beginners

Before arriving in Singapore, I was looking for some English schools. As soon as I arrived, I scheduled visits, but without a doubt, ULC won my heart the moment I was greeted by the team. The staff are very friendly and the teachers excellent.

In the past, I always thought that learning the English language was a very difficult task. I tried to learn before, however, without success.

At school, besides the class content, they taught me that I was capable of learning something new. I‘m getting better every day and I just have to thank everyone at ULC during my time in Singapore. 💖.

Beginner English Lessons Homepage OverviewAnita

When I first came to Singapore, I wanted to study English. I joined one school and had some lessons, but it didn’t suit me. My friend suggested going to ULC for a trial lesson.

The teachers are friendly, so I immediately liked it. I enrolled in the course and became an active member of the class. I started recommending friends and organising class lunches.

I was more confident when going to parents’ meetings, and I could communicate with my child’s foreign teachers. Learning English at ULC allows me to meet more friends. I love learning English at ULC, it is truly one of the best English courses I have attended in Singapore.

Essential English Vocabulary for BeginnersJanice

I work in a Korean company. I don’t have the opportunity to use English, so I wanted to take the chance to take an English language course in Singapore.

I took trial language courses elsewhere, but compared to the other places, ULC was so good and my trial class was so fun! I had a lot of opportunities to talk and it was great to study English while communicating with people from other countries while I was in Singapore!

The teacher corrects pronunciation and grammar, but explains it easily so that you can understand! If you want to communicate with other people and learn English together, I recommend ULC business class! 😁


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