About Us

Our goals are to inspire students to be confident English learners, create a comfortable learning atmosphere, and to build a language community.

A Language Community

We are building a language learning community, where students can learn English, but also meet and make friends. Watch this video to learn more  



We pride ourselves on providing superior and comfortable student service.  From the time you enter ULC and throughout your entire learning experience.


Our teachers are instructed and trained to inspire students to be confident language learners.  Confidence inspires action, and action leads to results.


Bringing people together is our passion.  A focus on community allows our students to make new friends and meet like-minded people.

Our Educational Promise

At ULC, We promise to provide the highest quality English lessons in Singapore while providing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere which we hope allows you to step out of your comfort zone and speak a second language with confidence! Our goal is not only to provide you with a place to improve your English, but to provide you with a place where you can meet and make new friends! We are truly building a language learning community. Whether you are a housewife, businessman or anything in between, you will find yourself at home here at United Language Centre!

Experienced Teachers


Amanda S.

Natalie H.

Natalie M.









Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are in the class?

Small classes are important at ULC and that’s why we have 3 to 9 students in our classes.

What happens when I have travel plans, or I need to miss a class?

We understand that our students are busy, and we want to help. Whether you are going on holiday or just feel like taking a day off, you are able to manage by cancelling your upcoming classes on our App and book make-up lessons.

Is there an intensive course for short-term students? (ex. everyday, etc.)

Students who come to Singapore for short term study can join as many courses as they wish. 
2 lessons per day, 5 days a week is okay with us!

What nationalities are most common in each class?

Currently, we have more than 20 nationalities including Asia, Europe, South America, and more! 
We always try to mix various nationalities in each class.

When can I start my classes?

We operate a “rolling intake” which means you can start at any time after your level test and trial lesson.

How can I pay for my course fees?

Our school accepts Cash, online payment, Cheque, NETS, Bank Transfer, and major Credit Cards (Visa, Master, Amex or Unionpay), and WeChat Pay.

Can I transfer my remaining credits to a friend or family member?

You can only transfer your valid credits to your direct family members only. However, a S$100 transfer fee will be applied.

Do you also hold seminars, activities, theme classes or events for ULC students?

Absolutely!!  We have 4 regular school parties yearly: Lunar New Year Celebration, ULC’s Summer BBQ Party, our F1 Party, and a Christmas Party.
We hold English Excursions every month, taking students to all kind of places like museums, cultural tours and even English Karaoke.
We have theme classes like movie class, shopping, cafes, and more! 

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