Regardless of which industry you’re in, the business landscape is essentially a sea of change. To keep up with a rapidly changing market, there is a need for your employees to stay relevant. With English being the commonly used language in corporate settings in Singapore, learning English on top of their native language may be the best place to start. Especially if there’s a significant number of people who have yet to speak English with fluency, you can consider signing them up for business English classes – more so if they express interest in the idea of building on their English language proficiency. Take a look at the top benefits of upskilling your employees through business English courses.

4 Benefits of taking business English courses

1. Increase confidence

As English is predominantly the language used for both spoken and written communication in corporate settings, experiencing language barriers can be demoralising at times. Without realising, it could be a challenge that’s holding your employees back from reaching their full potential and abilities – something which may seem out of their control. This can limit their ability in sharing insightful opinions to a certain extent and they may feel uneasy as a result. One thing’s for sure, by getting them started on business English courses to learn industry-specific terms, it can help them become more confident workers in the process.

2. Enhance communication among coworkers

Having moments of miscommunication can delay the progress of team projects, which may cause frustration and tension within the team. In terms of communication, it can be useful when your employees are able to utilise English in everyday work-related tasks – whether it’s speaking, writing or simply listening. By investing in business English courses, your employees can definitely overcome this hurdle and increase overall project productivity as they become more proficient in English.
Especially if your employee has to guide a new colleague, for instance, he or she will soon be more than capable of helping or even mentoring the newcomer – getting off on the right foot towards a better work relationship.

3. Improve customer satisfaction

Among all things in demand, effective English communication is one area that will remain highly sought-after. When developing a more diverse team that’s fluent in more than one language, your customers are among those who stand to benefit in the long haul. Your employees will be able to better understand different customer needs and communicate clearly to ensure everyone’s on the same page. In short, having sufficient English skills will ultimately take your customer service to the next level.

4. Expand their job scope

Just learning English opens them up to more opportunities of upskilling in other areas as well as contributing more in the workplace. For instance, if your company is engaging more English-speaking clients, your employees may feel more motivated to take up the challenge and broaden their experience.
Your employees are essentially a valuable asset to the company – and equipping them with the essential language skills can complement their line of work. By signing them up for business English courses, it maximises their own strengths and enhances their ability to build on the core competencies of your business. The appealing factor of bilingualism is, it truly presents greater on-the-job opportunities to drive business continuity and growth, taking your company to new heights in the long run.

Move forward with ULC this 2021

As a business owner in Singapore, there’s no denying how taking up business English classes will add value to your current workflow, spearheading communication among your employees and supporting company goals as a whole. Not only will business English skills apply in all areas of work, but it can also enable your company to better work together in achieving business goals as a team. Professionalise your employees’ English with corporate English courses at ULC and sign up on our Google Form today.