As an important instruction medium that unifies different cultures in Singapore, the English language has surely gained much prominence in the business and education sectors for its role in communication. With its increasing relevance in your everyday life, it is common for parents to start thinking if it’s a good time for their child to start learning English. The good thing is, here in Singapore, you have countless language schools and course options to explore for the lesson style that suits your child best. You can easily look for English classes designed for foreigners that are offered to kids as well. Continue reading to find out why your child needs to start learning English from young.

Why Learning English at a Young Age is Important

Presently, did you know that English is used by at least 25% of the world’s population? In fact, close to half of the world’s population learn English as a second language. English is therefore the most used language and medium for instruction, education, and business communication.
And when it comes to learning English, language acquisition is probably the best during the earliest years of human growth and development as children possess an innate ability to differentiate between two languages from a young age. As such, an introduction to English at an early stage can play a part in improving their overall verbal development.
Other reasons for ear-marking English at an early stage include the following:

1. Learning is Easier

First, your child will have more time to learn English within formal and informal contexts. A child practicing English, within a linguistically rich environment, is prone to understand and gain command of the language’s intricate and complex grammatical system. Even with very little formal language instruction, children are able to gain mastery of the English language.
Learning the language can become a spontaneous and ongoing process throughout your child’s daily activities and interactions, including at the playground. Under proper guidance, your child can definitely get the hang of the vast vocabulary, phonetics, and grammar of the English language.

2. Boost Their Confidence

In this post-modern era, communicating in English is not just trendy but an absolute necessity. As a young learner of the language, your child is also more likely to have better pronunciation skills. For non-native speakers, this is an essential part of communicating well in English.
Having the necessary skills in the English language can also equip your child with the desire, morale, and confidence to excel in other fields of study including Science and Mathematics. English, therefore, acts as the chief medium where other subjects can be understood with lesser effort. Mastering the English language alone can help to boost your child’s self-image, esteem, and social prestige of being a global citizen in Singapore.

3. More Opportunities in the Future

As English has become one of the most widely recognised foreign languages among non-English speaking countries, learning it on top of your native language can make a useful and indispensable tool. Signing your child up for English lessons can open limitless options in the near future, whether it’s for study, work and other areas. It exposes your little one to a vast amount of opportunities in further studies and creates the possibilities of rewarding job opportunities in large corporations and small companies – as a parent, you can have peace of mind that your child is off to a good start!

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