Most foreigners in Singapore want to communicate better in English, but they may not know how to start. Whether you are self-learning online or searching up on English language courses, learning English is first all about building a strong foundation. To help you out, ULC has simplified the to-dos when it comes to learning basic English.

What to study first in English: A short guide

Set personal goals for yourself

Before you dive right into any online teaching websites, one important question to ask yourself is: What do you intend to accomplish from this journey? Learning a new language, in general, can seem like a long process. But by establishing some goals for yourself from the start, it can appear less daunting.
Whether you have reading an English book or speaking with clear pronunciation as your end goals, remember that all these fall under the four core skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. These skills work hand in hand with each other, enabling you to communicate well as a whole. For example, you can converse with someone more effectively if you are able to first listen and understand what he or she is saying. This means that you’ll have to work on these four areas, which can take some time. Take these into consideration and plan out what you want to achieve in the coming days or months. That way, you will feel more determined to reach those milestones.

Focus on Building a Strong Basic English Foundation

With that in mind, as you navigate through different teaching websites, you’ll soon discover a plethora of videos and lesson worksheets provided that focus on the areas you want to improve in. But for starters, it is important to first nail down the basics. This includes nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.
From there, you can learn phrases or sentences to connect your learning and discover how it applies. Simple activities like listening to the radio and watching your favourite shows with English subtitles are valuable in helping you comprehend the rules of English. Another way to incorporate the use of English in your daily life is by simply switching your phone language settings to English. During this process, you will also recognise the methods of learning English that work best for you as you put your learning into practice.  

Dedicate a time where you will study English

“I’ll do it later.” Does this sound familiar? It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Singapore, putting aside the things that do not weigh as much importance and this may, at times, include learning English. It may, however, prolong your growth in speaking and understanding English. By allocating a fixed time in your personal schedule to focus on studying English, you are able to pick up from where you left off easily and continue working towards achieving your personal English goals more efficiently.

Apply for English lessons to ensure you are on the right track

If you are tackling these common difficulties of learning English as a beginner, it may be hard to proceed forward with your learning without overcoming these hurdles. It is, in fact, a common problem for many foreigners in Singapore who are learning English from scratch like yourself. During these times, you can consider applying for English language courses for more customised teaching and guidance. To learn basic English and more, there are also many courses available from ULC, for example, to help children and adults alike in their learning.
Apply for English lessons to ensure you are on the right track

Speaking of English Language Schools,

Here at United Language Centre (ULC), we know how English can seem like a confusing language at a glance and it may be nerve-wracking to develop these English skills on your own. With a dedicated team of experienced teachers, we will support you through your entire learning experience to help you excel at English at your own pace. To get started, check out our Essential English lessons for Beginners. Alternatively, private English classes are available for you if you prefer more focused guidance through your learning process. We look forward to developing the confident language learner in you.