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4-3-2 Technique

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Use this technique to improve your fluency, just a few days a week! Step 1:  Choose a Topic This can be any topic that you want, it doesn't matter which one you choose.  You will be able to improve your English speaking skills in just 10 minutes, 3 times a week.   For this example, we Read more

Bring or Take?

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Bring is a verb that means to carry something toward the speaker.  Take is a verb that means to carry something away from the speaker or to a place where the speaker is not located. For example: Don’t forget to bring some snacks to the party! I am hosting the party and I want you to bring

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In vs On

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When do you use in and on? “container” vs “platform” IN = Container → a container is an enclosed space where something is placed. I put my books in my bag. I have a TV in my room. I read a chapter in a book. I ride in an elevator.  ON = Platform → A platform

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Same sound, different word?!

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Homonyms in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese What is a homonym? Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings. Same word, different meaning! Click here for a list of English homonyms. Korean also has many homonyms. Here is a list. The same is true for Japanese! More examples here. This is true for Chinese

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