Welcome to United Language Centre, how can I help you?

Would you like some Coffee☕️ or Tea🍵?”

We selected the most popular coffee bean brand – Starbucks Coffee, just to ensure you have a delicious coffee experience in ULC

“What kind of English Course are you looking for?”

If you are not sure, it is not a problem at all! Our professional and super friendly course consultants will be able help you find out what is BEST for you.😉

“Not sure about your English Level?”

We provide a FREE English Level Test including 20 minutes of Grammar & Vocabulary and a 10 minute Speaking Level Test with our professional course teachers.

Unlike other “TESTS”. At ULC, we strive to provide the most comfortable environment to make students feel confident and relaxed.

Not sure if you would enjoy our English Classes?”

We provide a 2 hour FREE English Trial Lesson.
You will be treated like one of our current students, to experience what our lessons are like.

On your first day of being a ULC Student…

If you happen to arrive at ULC before your lesson, you can:

Have a seat in our lounge area 🛋️, have a cup of coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵, or read a book 📖 from our book corner.😌

Or, simply do nothing😌. Just enjoy the best view of Singapore – Marina Bay.

YES! ULC is located in the centre of Singapore, just 2 minutes walking from City Hall MRT station.

ULC provides all the daily essentials for you, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary matters and just focus on improving your English 🏫. At the same time, make and meet new friends!👬

“About our Course schedule arrangement”

No matter whether you prefer studying 2 times per week, 3 times per week or need a more intensive course, we have you covered.

And no matter if you are a true Beginner student or Advanced level, we have a suitable course level for you.

“About Course Flexibilities”

Our Essential English Courses provide you with enough flexibility so you can enjoy life while learning English.

However, if you need more flexibility and customisations, we would recommend our Private Lessons for you.

“Need to take a short break?”

You can either choose to have make-up lessons or have us extend your course period, this will ensure you don’t miss any lessons.

“Besides our regular English Lessons……”

Our students are from more than 40 countries all over the world, we bring them together by creating an English Language Community, we hold all kinds of events and activities regularly and frequently, such as:

  • Monthly English Excursion Events (Outings)
  • Quarterly events & Parties. (BBQ Parties, F1 Parties, Christmas parties, etc.)
  • Theme Classes & Functional Classes ( English Club)
  • Activities like lucky draws, games, etc.
  • And More…

Finally, let’s meet ULC’s lovely teacher team!

Hope you have learned something about ULC!😊 If you have any questions, please contact us anytime by

  • Phone☎️: 68166881(General)
  • Email📧: info@unitedlanguagecentre.com

Or simply scan this QR Code to schedule your ❤️FREE Level Test & Trial Lesson❤️ We look forward to seeing you soon!