What does it mean????????????

Do your English speaking friends send you text messages that you cant work out?

Do your colleagues use strange language in emails?

It’s really common for native speakers to use abbreviations and acronyms in written language especially in text messages and email.

Here is a list of some commonly used ones to help you out

Abbreviations that are common at work:

  • ETA – estimated time of arrival

    • What is the ETA on that report you are writing?

  • TBA – to be announced, to be advised

    • The date for the big client meeting is still TBA

  • BTW – by the way

    • BTW, the boss needs to see you in her office in five minutes.

  • COB – close of business

    • Can you get me those documents by COB?

  • FYI- for your information


Everyday expressions

FOMO = fear of missing out* (This expresses the feeling of anxiety we feel when we’re afraid we’re missing a big opportunity or something great.)

FYA/FYE = for your entertainment/amusement

FYI = for your information

G2G/GTG = got to go* (An informal way of saying it’s time for you to leave or go home.)

GR8 = great

GTR = got to run* (Similar to G2G)

HBD = happy birthday

HTH = here to help, happy to help

IDC = I don’t care

IDK= I don’t know

IRL = in real life* (As opposed to life in social media or online.)

JK = just kidding* (This is similar to saying, “Just joking.”)

L8 = late

LMAO = laughing my ass off

LMK = let me know

LOL = laughing out loud

MYOB = mind your own business* (This is a common expression that means to respect someone’s privacy.)

NBD = no big deal* (This is a common expression used to say that something isn’t a problem or isn’t difficult.)

OMG = oh my god

OMW = on my way

SMH = shaking my head* (When we disagree or feel ashamed about something, we often shake our head.)

TBH = to be honest

Thx = thanks

TMI = too much information