Many resources are available online today, but finding the right ones to suit your learning style can take time and effort. If you are a beginner, learning English may even feel extra challenging because of the overwhelming amount of resources available. While studying English in Singapore may be easier with the help of an English language school, there are times when learning the language naturally can also be helpful when it comes to information retention. 

Watching television series is one of the best ways to learn English more naturally. Most Netflix Singapore shows offer a rich collection of English-language material you can binge on to learn the language in a more natural and relaxed environment right in the comfort of home. Watching shows in English exposes you to grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and even cultural cues that may be difficult to understand in a classroom setting. If you’re searching for the best television shows to watch while improving your English skills, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are 2 top recommendations from our English language school:

1. Friends

After ten long years of being on air, Friends ended its spectacular run in 2004. Despite ending almost 20 years ago, many fans still enjoy watching the series because of its funny and relatable episodes. As one of the most watched television shows of all time, you can binge on every episode and enjoy the humorous antics of Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, and Phoebe.

Aside from learning the basics during your English course for adults offered in Singapore, you can also watchepisodes of Friends to get acquainted with common vocabulary phrases you can use when interacting with other people. A simple phrase such as, “How you doin’?” can be a great conversation starter, especially when you want to know how someone feels in a friendlier or more informal way. Do remember that the show did take place almost 20 years ago so some slang might be outdated today!

Vocabulary to watch out for: “We were on a break!” 

Meaning: To be on a break refers to breaks in a relationship. It means having some time apart to think things about your relationship through. 

2. Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 is not your ordinary cop show. Instead, it’s a comedic twist to the classic detective series. This light-hearted sitcom may seem fast-paced at first. However, once you know the characters of Jake, Amy, Gina, Captain Holt, Boyle, Rosa, Terry, and the legendary duo of Hitchcock and Scully, you’ll appreciate the individual character development and growth as well as the interpersonal dynamics between the characters.

With a show that promotes inclusivity and diversity, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of different cultures and native English vocabularies that you may not have learned yet in your English-speaking course in Singapore. The catchphrases in this show are unique and make excellent icebreakers amongst other Brooklyn 99 fans. Jake’s now infamous line, “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt,” can even be the perfect response to (almost) any situation.

Vocabulary to watch out for: “Noice!” 

Meaning: It’s “nice” but spoken with great emphasis. It means something that exceeds the limit of being nice, such as something that’s really, really nice.

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