Anyone looking to learn a new language will find that beginner or intermediate lessons are the best place to start. Not only will these classes provide a foundation in the basics of grammar and vocabulary, but they will also help to build confidence in speaking and understanding the new language. 

In addition, beginner and intermediate classes are typically smaller and more intimate, and as a result, students are more likely to make progress and feel comfortable using their new language skills.

If you are a foreigner who is considering signing up for private English classes in Singapore, you might wonder whether you are more suited for the beginner or intermediate English classes.

Well, this blog post is for you! In this article, ULC, Singapore’s premier English language school for English courses for adults will look at the difference between the two levels of classes and hopefully help you pick a level that you are most comfortable in.

1. Speaking Ability

Anyone who has ever taken a language class knows that speaking is often the most difficult and anxiety-inducing part of the course. In ULC’s intermediate level private English classes for foreigners in Singapore, the ability to speak comfortably  will be necessary. This is because through these classes, students are expected to learn how to communicate basic ideas or thoughts in English. But if you are unable to string together basic sentences in English, then you might struggle, then the basic class may be more suitable for you at the moment. Once you’ve started to feel comfortable conversing at a basic level, it might be time to step up your game with intermediate English classes.

2. Comfort With Writing In English

Intermediate English classes in Singapore typically focus more on writing, which means you’ll need to have a solid vocabulary and grammar.  However, writing is a skill that is often taken for granted. We use it every day to communicate our thoughts and ideas, yet few of us ever stop to think about how to improve our writing.  If you are struggling with writing in English, you might want to consider building a more solid foundation in a beginner English course instead.

The perks of attending a English language school such as ULC means that there are a few simple things that you can do to help improve your writing skills. Make sure that you are taking the time to proofread your work. A few quick reads can help to catch any mistakes that you may have made. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your teachers and classmates can offer valuable feedback that can help you to improve your writing.

3. Purpose

In today’s increasingly globalized economy, English has become the lingua franca of business. This means that whether you’re applying for a job with a multinational corporation or trying to get a small business off the ground, being able to communicate effectively in English can give you a significant competitive advantage. 

Being able to read and write in English can be essential in business, so if you are looking to improve your command of the language for work-related purposes in Singapore, be sure to move on to intermediate English classes which focuses more on writing as compared to the basic level classes

Good writing skills are essential for success in life. English is the language of business and academia, so it is important to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in order to succeed in the workplace and in school. Poor writing can lead to missed opportunities and frustration, both for the person struggling with the skill and for those who have to try to understand their message. 

Choose the Right Class For Your Level With ULC’s Help

Whether you want to learn basic English courses for adults in Singapore or are more comfortable with private lessons, ULC can help! Our English group and private classes in our school caters to language learners of all levels. From learning a basic English course and intermediate classes to  English for corporate professionals, we have something for everyone!  Contact our team today to see how you can get started on your English learning journey.