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Course Introduction

Essential English

This course focuses on the use of real-life English with a focus on English conversations through practical and useful class discussions. It aims to enhance your listening, vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills.

This course is perfect for students who:

  • Do not have confidence speaking with others in Singapore
  • Would like to improve their daily conversation skills
  • Learn practical usage of English
  • Enjoy meeting new people and making friends

Private Lessons

Our private English lessons are perfect for students who want to focus on specific aspects of English and require undivided attention from the teacher. This includes parents who want their children to have one-on-one lessons with the teachers.

These lessons are perfect for students who:

  • Want personalised and customised English lessons
  • Requires more flexibility in their schedule
  • Want more attention from their teacher

Business English

This course for adults focuses on improving your English fluency, empowering you with more confidence to speak and listen at the workplace.

This course is perfect for students who:

  • Want to be more confident when engaging in discussion with colleagues, or during meetings
  • Want to learn business-related vocabulary
  • Want to learn how to respond appropriately and contribute more at the workplace