Present Simple Tense

The present simple tense in English is used to describe an action that is regular, true or normal.

Today we will talk about:

  1. When we use the Present Simple Tense
  2. Common Phrases that are used with the Present Tense
  3. The Basic Conjugation of the Present Simple and Past Simple Tenses
  4. Be Questions in the present tense
  5. Do/does questions in the present tense

We use the present tense:pasted image 0 2

1. For repeated or regular actions

  • I take the bus to work.
  • She drinks coffee every morning.
  • Matt sleeps seven hours every night during the week.

2. For facts.

  • Mark lives in Singapore.
  • There are 24 hours in a day..
  • We grew up in Canada.

3. For habits.toothbrushe 24232  340

  • I get up early every day.
  • Carol brushes her teeth twice a day.
  • They travel to their country house every weekend.

4. For things that are always / generally true.jpegbase6485d989e29bb9162d

  • It rains a lot in winter.
  • The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace.
  • They speak English at work.

(adapted from: Woodward English)

We usually use Present Simple tense with:

  • Adverbs of frequency

pieces of advice of usage present simple tense essay editor net

  • Time expressions

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Present Simple vs Past Simple Conjugation

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Be Questions in the present tense

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Do/does questions in the present tense

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