In this video, we discuss Subject and Possessive Pronouns, as well as how to use Possessive Adjectives.

Subject Pronouns Possessive Adjective + noun Possessive Pronouns
I my pen mine
We our dog ours
You your teacher yours
They their classroom theirs
He his car his
She her friend hers
It its camera its (not common)
Matt’s Matt’s school Matt’s

We can replace, for example, a name with a pronoun for subjects (ie: Matt → He) or objects (ie: Mark → him).

We can also replace a possessive (ie: Matt’s → his).

For example: Matt takes Mark’s pen.

Who took Mark’s pen?
Matt took it. (Mark’s pen = it)

What did Matt take?
He took Mark’s pen. (He = Matt)

Did Matt take Mark’s pen?
Yes, he took it. (He = Matt and it = Mark’s pen)

Add your example sentence below ↓↓↓↓↓

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