In this video, we discuss Subject and Possessive Pronouns, as well as how to use Possessive Adjectives.

Subject PronounsPossessive Adjective + nounPossessive Pronouns
Imy penmine
Weour dogours
Youyour teacheryours
Theytheir classroomtheirs
Hehis carhis
Sheher friendhers
Itits cameraits (not common)
Matt’sMatt’s schoolMatt’s

We can replace, for example, a name with a pronoun for subjects (ie: Matt → He) or objects (ie: Mark → him).

We can also replace a possessive (ie: Matt’s → his).

For example: Matt takes Mark’s pen.

Who took Mark’s pen?
Matt took it. (Mark’s pen = it)

What did Matt take?
He took Mark’s pen. (He = Matt)

Did Matt take Mark’s pen?
Yes, he took it. (He = Matt and it = Mark’s pen)

Add your example sentence below ↓↓↓↓↓

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