In a world that is continually evolving and incorporating new business trends and practices, it pays to upskill yourself if you want to stay ahead of the rest. The upskill can be as simple as taking a business English course or as complex as learning a coding language.
Whether you want to expand your current skill set or pursue a different area of interest or even enter a completely new career, upskilling will provide you with a perfect avenue to stay relevant in the highly competitive Singapore job market.

4 Ways to Get Started on Upskilling Yourself

To help you get started on the right foot, here are a few useful tips to upskill yourself and boost your career in Singapore:

1. Networking is Key

In today’s closely interconnected world, it is hard to get anywhere in your career without networking. Establishing a good network whether online or offline helps you to meet new people in your field of work.
This can help you engage with the right mentors and like-minded professionals with better ideas and knowledge on how to get ahead in your current or new career.

2. Build on Your Hard Skills

Besides expanding your connections, it is also essential to build on your own skill set, starting with your hard skills. When it comes to developing your hard skills, the best way to go about it is by looking for relevant programs that you can sign up for to expand and expand your knowledge in the industry.
Check for courses that can supplement your work credibility and sign up for a few if possible. The extra certifications you get will help to market yourself more effectively.
In fact, the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have opened up more online courses worth exploring if you want to build on your hard skills from the comfort of your home.

3. Improve on Soft Skills

With that being said, it also helps to improve your soft skills on top of your own competencies. This is crucial as your soft skills are transferable and easily reflected in everything you do.
Soft skills are basically additional qualities that enable an employee to communicate more effectively, work well with others as a member of a team, manage time more effectively, and generally uphold the highest standards of professionalism.
To get you started, there are a few examples of soft skills that are highly sought after in the work environment. This includes communication, teamwork, time management, problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, adaptability, stress management, leadership, and organization among many others.

4. Learn a New Language

While there are many nationalities living and working in Singapore, client meetings and even conversations within the team are done in English. This makes bilingualism in great demand in today’s highly multicultural business environment.
If you want to enhance your value to future employers, make sure to at least learn business English courses. By taking up business English classes in Singapore, your English-speaking skills will also come in handy to help you network with more in your industry.
When looking for the best English lesson for adults, you have many options to consider, such as ULC.

Stay Updated with ULC Today

If you are considering a career change or hunting for another job, this is the best time to upgrade your skills and boost your employability. In fact, a relevant upskill will make you a prime target for employers looking for the perfect candidate capable of taking a specific role with ease. Backed up with relevant industry-specific courses, you will definitely be more aligned with your new role and enjoy a smoother transition to future careers.
With that in mind, it can be helpful to learn English as a second language and with ULC’s Corporate English courses, you can communicate more effectively regardless of the type of work you do.
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