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Opportunities With ULC

Take a look at our existing business and career opportunities. We are open for more possibilities

Existing Corporation Partnership Programme

As a multinational company looking to expand globally, your company may have talented employees who speak various languages, and maybe some of them do not have English as their first language.
What we offer:
  • Programmes specifically tailored to your corporation’s needs.
  • Student-centred environment that includes but not limited to role-play, mini-presentations and discussions in classrooms.
  • Experienced English teachers outsourcing to companies if required.

Available Educational Institute/Study Trip Partnership

As the world becomes increasingly connected, every young individual is expected to be an international citizen. We look forward to institutions that share the same goal with us;  allow students to learn in the high quality language courses with the best teachers.
What we offer:
  • Language immersion trips that are specifically customized upon request
  • Professional language teacher training programmes to improve teachers’ skills
  • Holiday language tuition

Alliance Opportunities

We wish to actively work with a variety of industry partners to reach new opportunities. We are eager to engage our business partners with mutual benefits in mind. As such, we develop our alliance program with all possible future liaison entities.

Career Opportunities

We offer career opportunities for experienced professionals who keep a positive mind about language career development and wish to contribute this career with great passion .
What we offer:
  • Internship position
  • Language teachers

Our Vision

At United Language Centre, we constantly seek opportunities for our students and school to work with other organisations and promote our commitment to education. While we develop our students, and aim to extend our reach, we are unable to do this alone. We wish to actively work with a variety of industry partners to help staffs, and students obtain the skills they need.

Join us in achieving our vision of building a school, and a community of people studying languages!
If you are an individual seeking career opportunities or an organization interested in collaborating then send us an email at careers@unitedlanguagecentre.com
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