Getting Started with myULC

Learn How it Works!

1. How to login to myULC


1. Click [LOG IN]

2. Click [Forgot Your Password]

3. Enter your email address (the one you use for ULC)

4. Check your email for [Password Reset] and click the Green Button.

5. Enter your [New Password]

6. Click [Continue]

2. Add myULC to your Phone

iPhone Instructions

Visit from Safari.

1. Click the [Share] Button Action navigation bar and tab bar icon

2. Click [Add to Home Screen]

3. Click [Add]

4. Done 🙂

File:Android robot.svg Android Instructions  

Visit from google.

1. Click the [Share] Button

2. Click [Add to Home Screen]

3. Click [Add]

4. Done 🙂

3. How to see lesson schedule and subscription?

Check Your Schedule

1. Click on [My Schedule]

2. Click [Upcoming]

3. Click [Details]

Check Your Subscriptions

1. Click [Subscriptions]

2. Check Expiration Date and Available Credits

Check Your Invoices

1. Click [Transactions]

2. Click [Invoice]

4. How to cancel lessons?

1. Click [My Schedule]

2. Click [Upcoming]
*Check the date of the class you wish to cancel. 

3. Click [Details]

4. Click [Cancel Booking]

5. Click [Cancel for Everyone]

6. Your class is cancelled!

5. How to book make-up lessons?

Go to

1. Click [Home]

2. Use [Filters] to find your teacher/level

3. Click [Book Now] on your desired class.
*Make sure it’s the correct level 🙂

4. Choose a class with a spot available and tick the box and select [Only Myself]

5. Click [I accept] and [1 Credit]

6. Click [Go To My Profile] to check your new class booking

6. How to contact ULC for help

Go to

📱On Mobile

1. Click [☰]

2. Click [ULC WhatsApp]

💻On PC or Mac 

1. Click [Your Name]

2. Click [ULC WhatsApp Support]


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