Think you can get away with poor grammar? Think again. While grammar may not seem important at first, it plays a big role in how what your write and say is interpreted. In addition, improper grammar can lead to misunderstandings, and diminishes the first impression you give to others at work or in class.

Misunderstandings often lead to a decrease in efficiency, or worse, lost opportunities. So why not take the time to learn about proper grammar usage? Private English lessons in Singapore are affordable, and will equip you to master English grammar rules in no time at all.

Why Do You Need To Abide By Grammar Rules?

Over 50% of recruiters stated that poor spelling and grammar are a big turn-off, while possessing a good understanding of English grammar rules is a fundamental pre-requisite for successful university applications.

1. For Work And School

Grammar rules are important because it helps us communicate clearly. If our grammar is incorrect, people may not be able to understand what we’re saying. Often, the first contact that people get from us is in the form of the written word. Good grammar makes our writing easier to read. It also shows that we care about language and have high standards of excellence.

In order to be seen as a professional employee and competent student, it is important to demonstrate proficiency in grammar. Good grammar usage helps to convey credibility, intelligence, and an eye for details.

In the business world, a lack of proper grammar can hurt your credibility, and may even cost you a job opportunity, while as a student, it could hurt your chances to further your education.

2. For Your Personal Life

When you are more fluent in English, you’ll be more confident striking up a conversation with a total stranger, further expanding your social life and making a favourable first impression. Research found that people on online dating apps are 14% less likely to chat with someone with poor grammar!

When you speak and write in accordance with proper grammar rules, people can understand you more clearly and easily, making it easier for you to form relationships and communicate with others.

What Are The Crucial Grammar Rules?

Understanding the fundamentals of how grammar works are key to grasping important rules. This includes verb tenses, nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. English grammar rules can seem daunting at first, but with some private English classes with an established English learning centre for non-native speakers such as ULC in Singapore, you will soon be able to construct grammatically correct sentences with ease.

Plurals are essential in grammar but are a pretty easy thing to master. Simply add an “s” to the end of every noun, and now you’re talking multiples. The confusion happens when it is “one mouse” and “several mice”, but one “house” and several “houses”! Find out how to differentiate these tricky grammar rules with our expert teachers.

Articles and gender are also important to understand. While you refer to a specific object with “the”, you’ll have to refer to it using “a” for generic references.

While the French and Spanish speakers get the difference between masculine and feminine, the English language also confusingly tags a feminine label onto some objects, most notably, boats, cars, and other vehicles. Feeling confused? Fret not, our basic English lessons for beginners will answer all your questions and bolster your understanding of grammar.

How To Revise Your Grammar Rules?

One way to practice your grammar rules is by using online resources. There are many websites and apps that can help you improve your grammar skills.

You can also signup for online language exchanges and start chatting with native or fluent speakers that can point out your mistakes and correct you.

Also, carry a notebook around with you to take notes of the numerous quirks and abnormalities of the English language. For example, when some words like “rice” and “fish” don’t have plurals, or when many “goose” are “geese”, but many “moose” are just “moose”.

The best way of course, is to take a language course to help accelerate your learning curve.

Master Grammar With ULC

While these tips will help you improve your grammar, it can often be a challenging task for new learners or non-native speakers to figure out the complexities on their own. Skip the confusion and sign up for one of our English classes or private lessons in Singapore . Let our skilled educators help get your English in tip-top shape!