FUN English trial lessons!

• Build your child’s confidence and fluency

• learn through activities, not memorisation

• Experience the trusted IB Yearly Years framework.

Parent-teacher conference workshop (PTC)

Learn commonly used words and phrases during PTCs

Practice speaking using the correct communication terms through games and role-play activities

Acquire knowledge to ask the right questions during PTCs

Program Introduction

Our Junior program for learners aged 5-12 is based on the “Our World” textbook, a six-level primary series from National Geographic Learning. Our program aims to enhance learners’ English language skills through real-world content, interactive digital resources, and a fun, immersive learning experience.

  • Emphasizing on building child’s confidence
  • Enhancing Speaking fluency
  • The program follows the IB Early Years Program (EYP)
  • Promotes global awareness and cultural understanding

How we learn

We want your children to improve their English by learning about the world around them. The Our World series lets children learn English using a range of engaging lesson topics that allow for creative expression and teamwork.

Students do more than memorise. They create, craft, draw and design. Our older primary learners present and debate. This makes English come alive for our students and makes them confident speakers of English.

What we learn

The Our World curriculum covers a wide range of themes and topics.

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening

Parents receive weekly updates via the ClassDojo App.

At the end of each year, learners will showcase their learning outcomes through a presentation for parents to see.