English Lessons for Kids

Navigating the vast world of language can be an exciting adventure for young minds. At ULC, we specialise in curating comprehensive English lessons for kids that not only foster linguistic skills but also fuel their curiosity about the world. Whether you’re in search of a beginner’s introduction or a more advanced English course for your kids, our programmes are designed to cater to every child’s unique learning journey. Explore our enriching curriculum and discover a world where children’s imagination meets language mastery.

Kids English Lessons

Our Junior programme for learners aged 5-12 is based on the “Our World” textbook, a six-level primary series from National Geographic Learning. This series has been handpicked to ensure that our English lessons for kids resonate with their evolving worldview.

Our programme aims to enhance learners’ English language skills through real-world content, interactive digital resources, and a fun, immersive learning experience


  • Emphasises building child’s confidence
  • Enhances Speaking fluency
  • The programme follows the IB Early Years Programme (EYP)
  • Promotes global awareness and cultural understanding
Dynamic English Course Activity for Children
Interactive English Speaking Class for Kids at ULC

How We Learn

We want your children to improve their English by learning about the world around them. The English course we offer for kids is designed with a sense of fun and immersion, ensuring that language learning becomes an adventure they look forward to.

The Our World series lets children learn English using a range of engaging lesson topics that allow for creative expression and teamwork.

Students do more than memorise. They create, craft, draw and design. Our older primary learners present and debate. This makes English come alive for our students and makes them confident speakers of English.

What We Learn

Education at ULC is centred around the ‘Our World’ curriculum, an esteemed programme recognised for its wide array of themes and topics. This way, we ensure a holistic learning experience for our young linguists, allowing them to not only master the English language but also gain insights into various global perspectives.


  • Reading – Students are introduced to diverse reading materials, helping them enhance their comprehension skills while broadening their literary horizons.
  • Speaking – Through interactive dialogues and discussions, students are encouraged to articulate their thoughts, fostering confidence and fluency in spoken English.
  • Writing – Our lessons emphasise the importance of clear written communication. From essays to short stories, students learn to express their ideas coherently and creatively.
  • Listening – Audio resources and listening exercises are integrated into the curriculum, aiding students in understanding spoken English and improving their auditory comprehension.

At the end of each year, learners will showcase their outcomes through a presentation for parents to see.

World of Books for Kids' English Learning

Our Children English Classes Are Based On:

IB Early Years Program (EYP)

The foundation of our children’s English classes are built upon the globally recognised IB Early Years Programme (EYP). Designed to foster holistic development, the EYP approach seamlessly intertwines with our linguistic goals. This programme goes beyond traditional language teaching, emphasising inquiry-based learning, promoting curiosity, and instilling a lifelong passion for discovery. With the EYP framework, our students not only master the English language but also cultivate a global perspective, preparing them to be thoughtful and informed citizens of the world.

Our World Curriculum From National Geographic

The “Our World” curriculum by National Geographic Learning provides a comprehensive English learning experience for children. It focuses on real-world content, introducing students to diverse cultures and global perspectives. With clear lessons and engaging visuals, the curriculum aids in strengthening English language skills while also broadening a student’s knowledge of the world around them.

Choose ULC For Children English Courses

ULC offers structured English courses tailored for children. With a curriculum grounded in real-world content and an emphasis on practical language skills, ULC ensures that students receive a comprehensive and effective language education. Our courses are designed with the needs of young learners in mind, ensuring an optimal balance between learning and engagement.

Meet Our Children English Class Teachers

Our teachers are the backbone of ULC’s English classes for children. Each instructor is trained and experienced in teaching young learners, ensuring that your child receives instruction from professionals who understand the unique needs and learning styles of children. Their commitment to education ensures that every student gets individual attention and guidance, fostering confidence and proficiency in English.

Parental Involvement In Our English Classes for Kids

At ULC, we value the role of parents in a child’s education. Staying connected with parents is a priority for us. We keep parents informed about their child’s progress with weekly updates through the ClassDojo App.

Moreover, to celebrate the milestones achieved throughout the year, learners confidently showcase their acquired skills and knowledge in a year-end presentation. This not only serves as a testament to their accomplishments but also allows parents a firsthand experience of their child’s growth and proficiency in the English language.

Ready to give your child a linguistic edge? Explore learning English in Singapore with ULC today.

Frequently Asked Questions About English Lessons For Kids

What is the selection criteria for the teachers of children’s English classes?

All the teachers of our children’s English classes undergo rigorous selection, requiring proven experience in teaching young learners and relevant educational credentials. Additionally, we prioritise instructors with a passion for child-centric teaching methodologies.

Why learn English based on the IB Early Years Programme (EYP) framework?

The IB EYP framework emphasises holistic development and inquiry-based learning. By integrating it, our English lessons for kids promote not only language skills but also critical thinking and a global perspective, preparing students for future academic pursuits.

How do our English lessons for kids integrate reading, speaking, and writing?

Our English lessons for kids are designed to offer a balanced approach. Students engage with reading materials to enhance comprehension, participate in speaking exercises to boost fluency, and undertake writing tasks to refine expression and structure.

What are the expected learning outcomes of our English lessons for children?

Students can expect improved English proficiency across all core areas: reading, speaking, and writing. Additionally, they’ll develop confidence in communication, a broadened worldview, and a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures.

Do you offer trial sessions for parents to assess English classes for children?

Yes, we offer trial sessions. It allows parents and students to experience our teaching approach firsthand, ensuring it aligns with their expectations and learning goals.

Why choose ULC for English courses for children over other English lesson providers?

ULC stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, experienced teachers, and emphasis on real-world content. Our structured courses, combined with active parental involvement, make ULC a trusted choice for effective English learning for children.

Age Group

Pre-Primary (5-7 Years Old)

Lower Primary (7-9 Years Old)

Upper Primary (9-12 Years Old)

(5-7 Years Old)

Lower Primary
(7-9 Years Old)

Upper Primary
(9-12 Years Old)

Schedule: Mon & Wed (OR) Tue & Thur
4:30-6:00 pm

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