English Classes For Kids

Introduction to English Classes For Children

Our Junior program for learners aged 5-12 is based on the “Our World” textbook, a six-level primary series from National Geographic Learning. Our program aims to enhance learners’ English language skills through real-world content, interactive digital resources, and a fun, immersive learning experience. These are the core focuses of our English classes for kids:

  • Emphasizing on building child’s confidence
  • Enhancing speaking fluency
  • The program follows the IB Early Years Program (EYP)
  • Promotes global awareness and cultural understanding

English Lessons For Children

At ULC, we’ve embraced the world to make our popular English course for kids accessible to every child! Our English lessons cater to busy schedules, allowing your child to learn English at their own pace. We employ a mix of tools to enhance engagement and effectiveness, striving to provide an interactive and explorative learning environment that fosters growth.

We also understand that confidence and fluency go hand in hand when it comes to learning English. Our classes for kids are designed to create a supportive environment that nurtures a sense of self-assuredness while focusing on fluency improvement. 

They don’t just learn the language – they live it, use it, and love it. We turn English from a subject to study into a means of expression and communication. This vivid, practical experience with the language enables our students to gain a level of comfort and fluency that makes English come alive for them.

How Our English Classes For Children Are Conducted

At ULC, we believe in cultivating a deep and lasting understanding of the English language through our classes for children. 

We want your children to improve their English by learning about the world around them. The Our World series lets children learn English using a range of engaging lesson topics that allow for creative expression and teamwork. Students do more than memorise. They create, craft, draw and design. Our older primary learners present and debate.

What Our Children Learn

Our English lessons for kids offer an extensive, well-rounded curriculum that enhances all aspects of language proficiency and offers a comprehensive understanding of English.

IB Early Years Program (EYP) 

In our English classes for kids at ULC, we blend language skill enhancement with holistic development, in line with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Early Years Program (EYP) framework. This approach transforms English learning from a solitary academic task to an immersive experience that taps into their natural curiosity and learning passion. By aligning with the IB EYP, known for its inquiry-based, student-centered learning, our English classes stimulate critical thinking, broaden worldviews, and bolster communication skills, thereby setting a strong foundation for future academics.

Our World Curriculum From National Geographic

The Our World curriculum covers a wide range of themes and topics. The “Our World” series is a unique resource that encourages learners to explore their curiosity about the world around them, all while enhancing their English language proficiency. It integrates stunning photography from National Geographic, providing children with a window into different cultures, ecosystems, and societies. The following components of language learning are expertly interwoven with the content:

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening

Parental Involvement

In our English classes for kids at ULC, we believe that parental involvement plays a crucial role in a child’s learning journey.

To keep parents informed about their child’s progress, we send weekly updates via the ClassDojo App. Our year-end presentations also serve as an interactive platform for parents to engage with their child’s learning. As children showcase their language skills and share what they’ve learned, parents get a firsthand understanding of their progress, making them an active participant in their child’s English language learning journey.

Age Group & Lesson Structure

Age Group

  • Pre-Primary (5-7 Years Old) – For our youngest learners, we ignite a love for English using immersive storytelling, interactive activities, and games. This foundational stage boosts their phonics and reading skills and familiarizes them with simple written expressions.
  • Lower Primary (7-9 Years Old) – In the lower primary stage, our structured English lessons amplify vocabulary, comprehension, and grammar. We place emphasis on nurturing children’s ability to articulate thoughts and ideas, both in written and spoken English.
  • Upper Primary (9-12 Years Old) – In the upper primary stage, we focus on advanced language skills, exploring complex texts, stimulating discussions, and tackling intricate writing tasks, readying students for future educational challenges.

Schedule: Mon & Wed (OR) Tue & Thur

*4:30-6:00 pm

*Up to 16 lessons per term

*There are 4 terms per year

Frequently Asked Questions About English Lessons For Children

What is the experience and background of the organization providing the English language program?
United Language Centre (ULC) has years of experience in delivering high-quality English language education. We continually adapt our teaching methods to keep up with the latest research and trends in language education to teach English classes for kids.
Are there any recognized awards, accreditations, or affiliations associated with the program or organization?
Yes, our curriculum, particularly the “Our World” series used for our children’s English classes, is developed in partnership with National Geographic Learning, a reputable institution known for its educational resources. The content aligns seamlessly with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, ensuring comprehensive and top-quality education for our learners.
What is the selection process for instructors, and what criteria are used to ensure their proficiency in teaching English to children?

Our instructors are selected through a meticulous process evaluating their education, experience, and English proficiency. Many hold recognized qualifications like the TESOL, CELTA, or TEFL certifications, underlining their capability to teach English effectively. Find out more about our team.

Why learn English based on the IB Early Years Program (EYP) framework?

The IB Early Years Program (EYP) framework offers a comprehensive, inquiry-based approach to learning that encourages children to be curious, ask questions, and explore the world around them. Embedding English in a meaningful context enhances understanding, retention, and prepares students for a global environment. Read our blog to learn more about English classes for children.

Age Group

Pre-Primary (5-7 Years Old)

Lower Primary (7-9 Years Old)

Upper Primary (9-12 Years Old)

(5-7 Years Old)

Lower Primary
(7-9 Years Old)

Upper Primary
(9-12 Years Old)

Schedule: Mon & Wed (OR) Tue & Thur
4:30-6:00 pm