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Helping to build your conversational Mandarin.

Beginner Essential Mandarin I and II
Beginner Essential Mandarin 1 (BEM 1) is a three-part conversational and written Mandarin course designed to help learners acquire the Mandarin language in an effective yet interesting way. Each part of our BEM 1 Course (1a/1b/1c) will take 12 weeks and will consist of 10 units of a Comprehensive Text Book with 1 review lesson after every 5 units, for a total of 30 units in 36 weeks (72 class hours).
After completing BEM 1, students can progress to our Beginner Essential Mandarin 2 course which is another 72 hour, 3-part course designed to build upon the foundation created in BEM 1.
This series of progressive courses, with comprehensive coverage of speaking, reading and writing skills, will help you to build up your Mandarin proficiency and prepare you to have fluent conversations with native Mandarin speakers, or to survive on a trip to China.
Intermediate Essential Mandarin I and II
Intermediate Essential Mandarin 1 (IEM 1) is a two-part comprehensive class, which will cover 15 units over the course of 24 weeks (48 hours). This series of progressive units, with comprehensive coverage of speaking, reading and writing skills, help you to build upon what you learned in BEM 2 and prepare you for higher learning and finally the ability to master the language for professional purposes.
IEM 1 is for Mandarin leaners who have a strong command of both the written and spoken aspects of the language as students will be immersed in a fully Mandarin speaking and reading environment. After completing IEM 1 students will be able to progress to Intermediate Essential Mandarin 2 which will further enhance your communication skills and help to prepare you for our Advanced Essential Mandarin courses.
ULC uses only the best materials and for Intermediate Essential Mandarin Courses 1 and 2, we have selected the Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Intermediate Comprehensive Course books by Beijing Language and Culture University Press.
Recommended for students who:
  • want to start learning Mandarin for personal or business purposes.
  • would like to have conversations with native Chinese speakers.
  • want to learn and develop all aspects of Mandarin Chinese.
  • would enjoy speaking to local Singaporeans in Mandarin.
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Class size: Maximum 8 Students
Students: All students
Lesson Style: Conversational
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