Personal Bio:
Name: Junko Miura
Birthday: 07/09/1997
Hometown:  Tokyo, Japan
I’m a university student at International Christian University, I like traveling and watching movies.
This is my first time here in Singapore, I’m going to study English here at ULC for 4 weeks. And, I’m gonna share with you my learning experience!

Date:10/07/2018  Tuesday
Class: Upper-intermediate, Natalie (Australia)

We started with introducing new students and sharing our weekend adventures.
Today’s topic is  “shorten phrases or questions for smooth conversation ”
Basically, we have learned about how to make a better English conversation with other people. We learned a lot through the topic, including related grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening and reading.
I also learned, In the middle of a conversation, we have to make our questions as short as possible so we do not have to interrupt the speaker, for example, we can use:
“Who with?”
“How come?”
“What for?”
How useful it is!
Actually I was very nervous when I entered the classroom since it was my very first class at ULC but the classmates were very friendly and the atmosphere was so welcoming!
Looking forward to joining the class again!

Date: 19/07/2018, Thursday
Class: Pre-Intermediate, Sasha ( U.S.)

 Today, in the Pre-Inter class, we learnt about “Past Simple”.
“Past Simple” is very important especially when you need to describe your experience,  Though it is sometimes confusing, if you know how to use “past simple” correctly, it can be really useful!
So we shared our favorite films, songs, and artists, using “Past Simple”.
One of good things about ULC is that you can meet people with all kinds of backgrounds! One student from today’s class told me that he works for a casino in Singapore! Although I have never entered the casino in Singapore because I’m still under 21 years old, I found the job is very interesting through talking to him:)
Our teacher, Sasha, is from America and another classmate from Japan, her name is Misa, said Sasha is her favorite teacher. She is very easygoing and happy to be interrupted when students have any questions. Her class is always so much fun, Misa said!

Date: 26/07/2018, Thursday
Class: Upper-intermediate, Matthew (Canada)

Today we talked about the Oscars, using “Passive Forms”.
In my opinion, “Passive Forms” can make you sound smart actually….Also, I think Singapore is a educational country,  so probably we should know how to use “Passive Forms” in a proper way!
Speaking of the Oscars, NETFLIX can be watched at ULC 🙂
If  you happen to arrive school earlier, you can enjoy some movies or TV shows on NETFLIX!
It is a great way to learn language through watching movies or TV programs in the original language, I’d say!

Date: 03/08/2018, Friday
Class: Upper-Intermediate, Matt (Canada)
Today’s class is about “Art”.
We read a story about an artist who gave up all his stuff and called his action an “art”. He even started throwing his girlfriend’s belongings away without asking her, which I think is totally insane.
Everyone has got a different perspective of “Art”. I think it is quite interesting to talk about, what is “Art” and what makes stuff artistic.
Speaking of art, Gardens By the Bay, a botanic garden in Singapore, was amazing.
Very artistic, I would say. You should visit there! There is a huge waterfall inside the building
This is surely one of the must-do things in Singapore!

Also, today is my last class in ULC. I will surely miss my everyone here.( T’0 T”)