Digital Whiteboards at ULC

Have you enjoyed seeing our new digital whiteboards in action? These interactive whiteboards will make your class even more interactive and enjoyable! And apologies for the frequent classroom changes caused due to school renovations. If you like our new whiteboard, give us your feedback!

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vote!Choose ULC’s 2nd Branch!

We are opening another ULC branch to serve our students better, and might be coming to an area near you! Which location do you think would be the best for our new branch? Click the link below to vote. We would really value your opinion!

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ULC Student Volunteers!

ULC keeps hiring new teachers! Do you want to meet them first? Sign up to become a student volunteer and attend a free trial class (Mon-Fri before 5pm). Your opinion is valuable to us as we aim to hire the best teachers in Singapore!

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Term End for Tue/Thu Classes

This term, our Tue/Thu will end on 30th June and the new term will start from 5th July. We will send an email to all students for you to choose your new term schedule. We would also allow you to take a ‘level-up’ test if you wish to level up! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our staff.

Unable to Join a Class Without Booking

We would like to remind you that our maximum number of students per class is capped at 9. However, we would only reserve 1 or 2 extra slots for trial students who wish to trial our classes.

To maintain the quality of our classes, should a class already have 9 students, we would have to politely decline students who did not book a slot in any of those classes. You will be put on the waiting list if you have tried to book a full class. But, you may still join our classes if another student has cancelled. We would like to remind all students to please book their classes in advance through myULC! We seek your understanding.

ULC Photoshoot

We’ve scheduled a photoshoot for the 2nd week of June! One of our staff might come to your class and take a photo of everyone studying hard.

Online Conversation ClassLessons

ULC is opening Online Classes to improve your speaking every day! Class topics are from the textbooks you study and will be designed in different themes and topics to help you enhance your English speaking and other comprehensive English skill. We will open offline classes with the same topics and look forward to hearing more feedback from the students!