New Term For Tue/Thu

Our new term will start on Tuesday, 5th July!  Are you excited to meet your new classmates and teacher? ULC hopes that you will enjoy your classes! We will book your first 3 lessons and do the rest once you confirm your class. Please find the classroom information, classroom number, and textbook via myULC.

Student Volunteer

ULC keeps hiring new teachers! Do you want to meet them first? Sign up to become a student volunteer and attend a free trial class. It takes an hour and you are required to give simple feedback after the class. Your opinion is valuable to us as we aim to hire the best teachers in Singapore!

No Classes on 11th July

There will be no classes on 11th July as it is a public holiday. If you need extra holidays during this period, please don’t forget to manage your lessons in advance via myULC.

New Coffee Machine

Our brand new coffee machine is here! Now our students can enjoy a variety of coffee and tea: cappuccino, mocha, white coffee, hot chocolate, Japanese green tea and more!

New ULC Private Lesson App

We are very excited to introduce our new ULC Private Lesson App! From the 8th of July, students who are taking private lessons will be able to manage their lesson schedules through the App easily and more conveniently!

  • We will give a 1 month grace period until the 31st July. During this period, students can cancel a lesson via both Private Lesson App or Private Lesson Cancellation Form.
  • If you wish to cancel or reschedule your lesson, you must cancel at least 12 hours before the lesson starts. For students who give notice within 12 hours before the actual class starts, 100% of the course fee will be deducted from the remaining hours.