Do you know the difference? 

Many beginner students get confused when they see these three sentences. They look almost the same! To understand the difference you need to review your English grammar. (Download the PDF here)


I swim.

This is the present simple. We use the present simple when something is…
  • a habit or routine (more than once)
  • a fact or usually true
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  • I swim twice a week. 
  • I swim every day.
  • I swim on Sundays. (every Sunday)

I am swimming.

This is the present continuous. We use the present continuous when something is…
  • happening NOW and temporary
  • OR a future arrangement 
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  • I am swimming now.
  • I am swimming with my friend Matt on Friday this week

I like swimming.

We use the -ing form after love, like, don’t mind, don’t like, and hate to show how we feel about an activity. 
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  • I love swimming!
  • I like swimming.
  • I don’t mind swimming.
  • I don’t like swimming.
  • I hate swimming!