Like most laptops in the market, the ultimate gaming laptop, Razer Blade, is too, built with lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery. No doubt, lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries have become the darlings of modern technology owing to their light weight, high energy density and long shelf-life. Not forgetting the fact that they are quick to recharge and have low-self discharge rates too. Sounds flawless, right?
Unfortunately, despite its many merits, lithium-ion polymer battery has its set of drawbacks too. For one, lithium is a lot more volatile and reactive than the substances found in other batteries. Thus, when these batteries encounter overheating, overcharging or simply due to other variables like dust build-up or ageing, it’s possible for the inner cells to warp and swell up, looking like it had been inflated like a balloon. Or perhaps, like a bag of popcorn in the microwave. For sure, this phenomenon is not rare.
If you are one of the many who have encountered an inflated battery in your Razer Blade, knowing how to handle it is imperative – simply because you’d want to prevent possible further damage to your device. That said, here’s what to do if you’re faced with an inflated battery.

Handling Battery Swells in Your Razer Blade

Ignorance is NOT bliss

First things first, if you notice any indication of swelling, never turn a blind eye to it. The adage ‘ignorance is bliss’ no longer holds true when it comes to inflated batteries. It’s not going to get better by itself miraculously, neither is it going to be any less hazardous as time goes by. In fact, the ever-growing pressure build-up is incredibly dangerous as the device becomes more vulnerable to explosions and fire. While the aforementioned are rare, you certainly don’t want to test the odds.

Turn off your device immediately

Even if your device still works, be sure to discontinue the use of it. Above all else, do not charge the device, and take it to an authorised laptop repair shop in Singapore as soon as you can. When a lithium-ion battery fails, things can go south very quickly. Continued charging or use could result in a less than ideal situation.

Keep your device in a cool environment

Lithium-ion batteries despise heat. Reduce its exposure to high heat by placing your device in a cool environment – if you do not intend to drop by the laptop repair shop immediately. For good measure, put it on a surface that’s not made of flammable material. Think – stone, concrete or ceramic.

Exercise caution when handling the battery

When it comes to an inflated battery, the ‘DIY route’ is absolutely not recommended. Avoid making attempts to repair a swollen laptop battery at home, such as disassembling battery packs and cells. More importantly, never try to puncture the battery by pricking a hole in it, crushing it, or anything in between – even if your bravery has prevailed. Not only is the gas build-up within the battery flammable, but also toxic. Disassembling a lithium-ion battery without proper know-how is perilous – there should be no compromises when it comes to safety in any way.

How Can Esmond Service Centre Help?

Equipped with all the latest tools for laptop diagnosis and repairs, our experienced technicians at Esmond Service Centre is here to help replace your inflated battery while protecting your hardware from potential damages. With transparency being one of our business’s core values, we will first perform a battery test over the counter before we offer you our expert advises. This way, you can rest assured that your device is in good hands.
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