We all know how learning a new language can be an exciting venture. The prospects and possibilities of building a career on an international scale are simply innumerable when you equip yourself with additional language skills. Mastering a new language is the surest way of improving your value and demand in the international job market. And when it comes to English language courses, Singapore has many options you can explore such as enrolling at ULC.

Tips to Speed Up Your English Learning

The basic rule for swift mastery of the English Language is the constant, rigorous, and deliberate practice of the language. Every good English speaker has to constantly practice speech besides other aspects such as listening, reading, and writing skills. In order to get a grasp of the English language at a faster pace, here are five important tips that can make it possible to become fluent within a short time:

1. Take every opportunity to practice English

As a start, it is important to recognise that fluent English speech will come with a host of challenges and mistakes. The more you fail in sentence construction, the sooner you will learn the right way, and the faster you will master the language. As a beginner, it’s important to take up every opportunity to practice your speech and written prose. While it may be tempting to give up mid-way, there are many ways to help you along this exciting learning journey.
For instance, you can find opportunities and resources in your everyday life to support your learning quest. For example, you can watch English movies and TV shows to master grammar and pronunciation.

2. Learn more variations of an English word to build on vocabulary

As you start to study the rules of grammar, building up your English vocabulary is also a vital stage of your learning process. Scribble down any word you’re unsure of and don’t forget to check out its meaning. Your growing knowledge of English words can make a significant difference to your fluency.

3. Incorporate these words into phrases and sentences

After learning new words, you can now transform them into meaningful units such as phrases, slogans, and sentences. Use competent study resources to get a wholesome view of the language. English learning must be done on a daily basis for successful learning.

4. Give yourself challenges and goals to accomplish

In any language learning and acquisition, setting proper goals and objectives can lead to faster progress. As you understand your learning pace, give yourself specific goals and challenges that can help measure your progress better. Take time to set well-defined, achievable, and measurable goals that will guide you in your journey of mastering the complexities of English.

5. Take up English courses

Finally, you can also consider signing up for English classes. Formal and professional English classes are important to guide you through a myriad of complex grammar, vocabulary, phonology and phonetics as well as other areas of the English language. The best part is, English courses are readily available through various platforms in place so you won’t have to look far.
You can benefit immensely by using language-learning programs and many of these have mobile phone applications for convenient use. Or you can start by simply following ULC’s YouTube channel here to learn English in a fun and easy way.

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Online courses in English for reading, writing, and international business are available depending on your goal of studying English as a foreign language. Here at ULC, we offer courses dedicated to producing a competent and confident English learning community. Our Essential English courses are aimed at helping learners to improve their English fluency and accuracy, vocabulary, and prowess in the globally recognised language.