1. Pick an English Song in that you LOVE.

It will be easier to learn the song if it is one that you really enjoy listening to.   When I’m trying to learn a song in Japanese, I have to listen to it twenty or thirty times to really get a feel for the lyrics and rhythm!

2. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Listen to it until you know how it really well! Can you hum the rhythm? Can you remember some of the phrases they use in the song? You’re making progress!

3. Write Out the Lyrics by Hand.

Rewrite the lyrics out on a piece of notebook paper. This will help you memorise them.

4. Write Out a Translation of the Lyrics.

Once you’ve written out the lyrics, it also helps to write out the translated lyrics (lyrics written in your native language).

5. Memorise One Part of the *Song* at a Time.

Don’t try to learn the entire song! Learn pieces of the song. Start with the chorus. The chorus is the catchy phrase that you will hear multiple times!  

6. Get Singing!

Now it’s time of karaoke! Practice the song using a youtube video or at a karaoke bar. Have fun with it!

7. Make Lots of Mistakes. 

It is IMPORTANT to make mistakes and learn from them. You will make mistakes when you are singing in English. Don’t worry! Each mistake means you are learning!

8. Revisit Your New Vocabulary

After you are confident singing a song, take some time to read through the lyrics again. What new words have you learned? If you are not sure about any of those new words or phrases, ask a teacher to clarify or to provide examples of how native speakers use such phrases in daily life.

9. Make new friends!

Singing in English allows you to have fun with people from around the world! They may not speak your native language, but they can share in the fun if you learn a song or two in English! Invite your friends out to karaoke and sing both English and non-English songs 😉
Tips from: https://www.fluentin3months.com/learn-a-song/