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Our teachers are instructed and trained to inspire students to be confident language learners. Confidence inspires action, and action leads to results.


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Our goals are to inspire students to be confident English learners, create a comfortable learning atmosphere, and to build a language community in Singapore.

Essential English

Recommended for Students who:
  • Wish to be more confident speaking English
  • Hope to improve their English fluency and accuracy
  • Would like to learn more and improve their English conversation skills
  • Seek to improve all aspects of their English
  • Enjoy meeting new people and making friends in Singapore

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Essential English

Private English Lessons

Recommended for Students who prefer:
  • Personalised and customised English lessons tailored to their needs in Singapore.
  • To focus on a specific aspect of their English.
  • Learning as a single student, rather than in a group.
  • Having a flexible study schedule.
  • To maximise the time spent with their English teacher.

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Private English Lessons

English For

Recommended for Students who:
  • Want to have more confidence speaking with colleagues in the office or at work in Singapore.
  • Have difficulty speaking fluently and accurately in English.
  • Would like to improve their vocabulary.
  • Want to improve all aspects of their professional English in class.
  • Would like to respond faster at work.

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English For Professional

ULC Kids

Recommended for children who:
  • Want to start learning English at a young age.
  • Have difficulty speaking fluently and accurately in English.
  • Would like to improve their vocabulary.
  • Studies in an international school and speaks English on a daily basis.

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ULC Kids Online

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Language Community

Bringing people together is our passion. A focus on community allows our students to make new friends and meet like-minded people.

Learn in Comfort

We pride ourselves on providing superior and comfortable student service. From the time you enter ULC and throughout your entire learning experience.


Our teachers are instructed and trained to inspire students to be confident language learners, as confidence inspires action, and action leads to results.

Our Vision

To inspire confidence in speaking a second language, provide friendly, professional customer service, and to create an international language learning community.

Our Mission

At ULC, we have a mission to be the world’s most effective language learning brand. To do this, we have established a sense of community, comfort, and confidence.


This is What You’ll Get

Expert Teacher

Expert teacher in the field of English language who is experienced

Flexible Time

Manage your class schedule and credits by scheduling from our student portal. Whether you want to go on a holiday or take a day off, you can cancel your upcoming classes on our App and book make-up lessons.

Friendly Staff and great facilities

Our friendly and professional staff are able to assist you with multiple languages etc


The most qualified and talented individuals


What People Say About Us

These are things that clients who have used our features say.


Before arriving in Singapore, I was looking for some English schools. As soon as I arrived, I scheduled visits, but without a doubt, ULC won my heart the moment I was greeted by the team. The staff are very friendly and the teachers excellent.

In the past, I always thought that learning the English language was a very difficult task. I tried to learn before, however, without success.

At school, besides the class content, they taught me that I was capable of learning something new. I‘m getting better every day and I just have to thank everyone at ULC during my time in Singapore. 💖.


When I first came to Singapore, I wanted to study English. I joined one school and had some lessons, but it didn’t suit me. My friend suggested going to ULC for a trial lesson.

The teachers are friendly, so I immediately liked it. I enrolled in the course and became an active member of the class. I started recommending friends and organising class lunches.

I was more confident when going to parents’ meetings, and I could communicate with my child’s foreign teachers. Learning English at ULC allows me to meet more friends. I love learning English at ULC, it is truly one of the best English courses I have attended in Singapore.


I work in a Korean company. I don’t have the opportunity to use English, so I wanted to take the chance to take an English language course in Singapore.

I took trial language courses elsewhere, but compared to the other places, ULC was so good and my trial class was so fun! I had a lot of opportunities to talk and it was great to study English while communicating with people from other countries while I was in Singapore!

The teacher corrects pronunciation and grammar, but explains it easily so that you can understand! If you want to communicate with other people and learn English together, I recommend ULC business class! 😁




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