New Term in 2022

Happy new year! It’s been a month since the new term started and we hope you are enjoying the classes with the new teacher and classmates. Please feel free to share your learning experience with others!

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Goodbye, Sasha!

Our dear teacher Sasha went back to America for her new life and finished her job at ULC. We thank her for her contributions to ULC over the past 7 years. We will miss you so much and all the best wishes to you! >>Click here to see her post!

No Class on 1-2 Feb

There are no classes on 1-2 Feb due to the CNY Holiday. Some classes might be combined temporarily during CNY week, as some of the students are taking a holiday. Please don’t forget to cancel your lessons in advance if you need extra holidays. >>Click to manage your lessons!

New Snacks in Fridge

Thank you for voting for the new snacks: Pringles, Kitkat, Yakult and more! At ULC, we do our best to ensure you can enjoy different kinds of snacks and drinks. Please feel free to enjoy them and don’t forget to put the money in the honesty box. >>Click here to know more!

Updated COVID Protocols

From 1st February onwards, ULC will transition to Ministry of Health (MOH) external COVID contract tracing for all students. This means that our current students will no longer receive emails or notices from ULC about the close contacts following MOH guidelines.

Surcharges on Private Lessons

Any private lessons that fall between 9am-11:30am on Monday to Friday will be charged 1.5 times because most of our teachers are teaching group classes during these hours. There are no charges on the current students using current package hours. This only applies to the new package from the current and new students.

New $79 Bring-a-Friend Voucher

If you invite your friend, you will get 1 lesson for free. When your friend registers, you will get a $79 Study Voucher which can be used for your next registration!

Join CNY Lucky Draw

If you are studying private lessons or have been selected as one of our Top50 Attendance Students, join ULC’s CNY Lucky Draw! Everyone entering this lucky draw can win and get a special voucher. Students will be ranked by the total number of lessons attended and check Top Attendance poster below to see your ranking!