English Courses in Singapore For Intermediate Students

English is an exciting language to learn but it can come with its own challenges. When it comes to learning any language, it can be helpful having some guidance to ensure you are on the right track. Here at United Language Centre, our Essential English classes are designed to make you a more confident English speaker. While the emphasis is on speaking, this course includes all the core components of English.

In your current process of learning, you may have gotten the hang of communicating in an English-speaking country like Singapore, more so than beginners. However, there may be some words and phrases that you have yet to grasp hold on. What you can achieve in your English course as an Intermediate student is to further enhance your English fluency and become a more confident speaker.

Student Concerns

  • Not able to fully understand the matters regularly encountered in work, school, and free-time?

  • Face some difficulty dealing with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in English-speaking areas?

  • Struggle to produce connected text on topics which are of personal interest?

  • Want to be better able to describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions?

  • Hope to become more confident in giving reasons and explanations for opinions and plans?

Intermediate Level Overview

Recommended for Students who want to:

  • Express opinions, culture and language.

  • Improve on reported speech and conditional sentences.

  • Be more involved in discussing hypothetical problems.

  • Handle most social situations more confidently.

  • Succeed in everyday language scenarios.

Get Started at your Intermediate Course at ULC, Singapore’s Leading English School

At ULC, we promise to provide the highest quality English lessons in Singapore providing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere which we hope allows you to step out of your comfort zone and speak a second language with confidence. Besides our Essential English courses at Intermediate levels and more, private lessons are available for those who prefer a one-on-one learning environment. To cater to your learning needs, we also offer Corporate English to increase your confidence and proficiency in using English in business situations.

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