Course Information

Course Fee: $1,300 for 3-day per week class; $970 for 2-day per week class (all three-month total)

Instructor: Matt (Canada), Josie (U.K.), Hawkins (U.S.), Megan (U.S.), Sasha (U.S.), Dave (U.S.), Natalie (Australia)

Maximum Students per class: 8

This is recommended to those who do not have confidence in speaking in English with foreigners, who have difficulty speaking in English fluently, or who would like to converse in high-level English. This class uses many real-life cases and examples to teach English, with a focus on English conversation through practical English and debate. Not only is the class fun and useful, it also helps enhance your skills in vocabulary, reading and comprehension.

United Language Centre1 Coleman Street, #09-09B The Adelphi, Singapore 179803