Learning English is easier for children than it is for adults. But if you’re planning to enroll in English courses for adults, don’t be discouraged. Whatever stage of life you’re in, learning this language will benefit you a lot. The process won’t be easy but improving your fluency and proficiency in English isn’t impossible.
Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for your English classes:
1. Choose a school with native English speakers.
Challenge yourself by enrolling in a school that employs teachers who are native English speakers. This way, you’ll be better trained in conversational English. If you are to always speak with the staff or teachers in your native tongue, it will defeat the purpose of you enrolling in that language school. You don’t always get the opportunity to practise English at home or when you’re out, so make the most of your time when you’re in school. It’s okay to make grammatical mistakes or mispronounce words. After all, you signed up for that English course for adults in Singapore to improve your skills.
2. Check the student-teacher ratio.
It helps to have classmates so you’ll have more people to communicate in English with. But, you shouldn’t join a class that is so big that your teacher will no longer be able to pay attention to all the students. Students have varying skills so the instructional method may have to be different from one student to another. Your teacher should be able to respond to your questions and give each student in class the support that they need.
3. Choose an English course that aligns with your goal.
You have your own reasons for learning English. It may be so that you can better assist your children with their homework, or to give yourself greater confidence when you attend school events. Or it could be because you want to bring more to the table as an employee or keep up with your colleagues. Whatever your motive in joining an English speaking course in Singapore, you should be able to find a course that suits your needs. It could be one that is focused on conversational English, with working professionals, or a private class.
4. Discuss schedule.
Unlike children, adults have more things to worry about in their everyday schedule. You might have to work, look after your little ones, run errands, and a lot more. In this regard, the English language school in Singapore should offer flexible schedules. For instance, you should be able to start as soon as you’re ready. It also helps if they offer make-up lessons when you need to miss class on short notice. If you need to end your lesson package, being able to transfer credits to another person will give you peace of mind that what you paid will not go down the drain.
5. Ask about their free trial lessons.
Get a feel of the office environment, the staff, and the classrooms. Join a free trial lesson to see if you feel comfortable with the teachers and their teaching methods. If you feel motivated and inspired after the free trial, that’s a good sign. Don’t forget to enquire about course fees and payment methods. This is also a perfect time for you to look into your budget. Check which package meets your requirements.
Enroll in an English Language School Today
Improving your English skills will be beneficial not only to yourself but also to your family members and your colleagues. Don’t feel embarrassed about going back to school as an adult. After all, learning is a lifelong process, and you’ll be in class with fellow adults. Think of the bonus part -expanding your network and meeting new friends!