Double Comparatives

Double Comparatives

The more money you have, 

the more stressed you will be.              MORE + ADJECTIVE ✅

 the more things you can buy.                    MORE + NOUN ✅

the more buy you can.                                   MORE + VERB ❌


  • The more adventurous it is, the more I like it. 

    • (NOT The more it is adventurous, the more I like it.)

  • The less I see him the more I like him.

  • The more he reads, the less he understands.

  • The older we grow, the wiser we become.

  • The higher you climb, the colder it gets.

  • The richer one grows, the greater one’s worries.

  • The less you spend, the more you save.

  • The sooner they go, the better it is.

  • The more you study, the more you learn.

  • The more time you take, the better the assignment your turn in.

  • The less money I spend, the less I have to worry about saving.

  • The less you worry about the others, the less they will bother you.

  • The more you have to study, the less time you have to play.


Mark Schenker

Originally from the United States, Mark has been teaching English abroad for the past five years. He worked in Japan before moving to Singapore. He loves learning new languages and takes pride in helping English Language Learners.

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