Piritta Rasanen

I’m Pipa from Finland and I moved to Singapore in 2018. I enjoy teaching English and learning from my students about their cultures, countries and languages. I encourage my students to express themselves in English without worrying about making mistakes and participating in class as much as possible. The more we use English, the more we learn.

My professional background is in international business and learning and development. I’ve had the pleasure of training people from all over the world and now, after completing my CELTA, I’m excited to be able to join so many of you on your English language journey.

I gained my CELTA in 2020, during a lockdown, and I have been enjoying a whole new career teaching English since then, and meeting lots of fantastic people! In my classes, I aim for what I call my “Three E’s”, to ensure the classes are Educational, Engaging and Entertaining. I like my students to have a lot of fun while they are learning, whether it is in a group class or a private lesson. I look forward to meeting you in one of my lessons, in the classroom or online!