Gerard Vincent Cox

Hi I’m Gerry! Originally from Ireland, I spent eleven years living and working in Australia before moving to Singapore in 2004. I’ve worked in a variety of jobs and industries over the years, including chemicals/pharmaceuticals, sportswear, and hospitality. I’ve also spent many years as a professional singer & guitarist and I was performing regularly in venues around Singapore before the pandemic. I can no longer do that due to COVID restrictions, but I still occasionally do live streamed performances online and I am currently teaching myself to play bass guitar, flute and piano with mixed results!.

I gained my CELTA in 2020, during a lockdown, and I have been enjoying a whole new career teaching English since then, and meeting lots of fantastic people! In my classes, I aim for what I call my “Three E’s”, to ensure the classes are Educational, Engaging and Entertaining. I like my students to have a lot of fun while they are learning, whether it is in a group class or a private lesson. I look forward to meeting you in one of my lessons, in the classroom or online!