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In ULC, we come out with activities and use various platforms to teach English to your child so that they can enjoy and be keen to learn more.



Students who read a lot can write a lot, too.  We focus on the input skill of reading to improve the output skills of writing. 


Our materials focus on teaching grammar in a way that students can acquire it. No boring lectures on grammar.


Your child will learn vocabulary based on the IB program that most international schools are using in their classes.


Thinking in English is a valuable skill, so we help your child to not only get the correct answer, but also be able to explain how the answer is derived.

Private Lessons For Juniors

Get a customized lesson to suit your children’s needs and have fun while studying too!

Junior Online Lessons

You child can study at home and make new friends via online class! They will truly enjoy the class.

Our School.
Our Family.
Our Community

ULC is committed not only to providing high-quality English courses that your child enjoy, but also access to a community of English learners. We encourage classmates to work together and to become friends inside and outside of class.


Join us with 3 simple steps!


We would love to meet your child to determine his or her current English level so that we can arrange a teacher that would be most suited for your child.


The trial lesson would help the teacher to determine what are your child’s weaknesses so that they can customize the lessons to their personal needs.


Start the Private Lesson official and let’s have fun studying English!


All the info you will need:

Read with Epic

Reading is the fastest and best way to learn English. Partnering with Epic, ULC Kids Online helps your child to develop a love for reading in English!

Famous Curriculum

ULC Kids Online uses the Our World series from National Geographic. This syllabus aligns perfectly with the IB Program, allowing your child to get ready for any class.

Progress and Homework

90% of US Schools use ClassDojo for a reason. Students LOVE it! Parents and kids can track class progress, view and submit homework through this award-winning app.

6-8 Lesson/mth


1 trial class fee


Course Fee



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