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Our goals are to inspire students to be confident English learners, create a comfortable learning atmosphere, and to build a language community in Singapore.

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Learning to speak English can be essential in our everyday life and with the right guidance, you will be able to communicate effectively in English. Here at United Language Centre, we offer a range of English courses to help you improve and build on your English skills. Continue scrolling to check out the courses we offer.

Essential English

Developing the skills to speak English with confidence

This class focuses on the use of real-life English with a focus on English conversation through practical and useful class discussion. This class is fun and useful, but it also helps to enhance all aspects of your English such as listening, vocabulary, reading, and comprehension.

This English Speaking Course is perfect for students who:

Do not have confidence speaking in English

Have difficulty speaking accurately in English.

Would like to improve their daily conversation skills.

Wants to improve all aspects of their English.

Enjoy meeting new people and make new friends.

Corporate English

Developing the skills to converse well in the working environment

This class focuses on improving your English fluency allowing you to have more confidence in speaking and listening at work. Through a variety of conversation exercises and a variety of lesson topics, you will be more than ready for your next English conversation at work!

This English Speaking Course is perfect for people who:

Want to have more confidence speaking with colleagues or in meetings.

Have difficulty speaking fluently and accurately in English.

Would like to improve their English vocabulary

Want to improve all aspects of communicating in Business English in Singapore.

Wants to respond faster and contribute more in meetings.

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Private lesson

Customised English lessons to learn exactly what you need

Our private English classes are perfect for the student who wants to focus on specific needs and targets such as in spoken English, or for the student who prefers to have more one-on-one time with their teacher. These lessons can be customised to fit the needs of each individual student in Singapore.

This customized course is perfect for people who:

Wants personalised and customised English lessons.

Wish to focus on a specific aspect of their English.

Prefer one to one lessons.

Need a flexible time schedule.

Maximise the time spent with their English teacher.

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