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Our Corporate English Classes bring our talented and experienced Business English teachers to your company’s office in Singapore. Allow us to professionalise your employees’ English and improve their confidence with English and increase their workplace productivity. Our English lessons are mostly for adults, but we also cater to children. Find out how our packages in Singapore can be extended to your employees’ spouses and children here.  

Our Clients:

The Importance of Taking A Corporate English Course

Despite the many nationalities living and working in Singapore, most business conversations and meetings are being conducted in English. Your company surely has talented employees who speak a variety of languages, and maybe some of them do not have English as their first language. If you are looking for an English school for adults in Singapore, Our course can definitely help these employees to effectively communicate with everyone in the workplace.



  • Not speaking up during meetings due to lack of confidence in speaking English?
  • Making critical negotiation mistakes due to miscommunication?
  • Having low productivity because it takes them much longer time to draft emails in English?
  • Unaware of foreign business culture and customs?

Corporate English Lessons will:

  • Increase employee’s confidence and proficiency in using English in business situations
  • Improve motivation to help your employee succeed
  • Increase overall employee productivity

ULC’s English Course For Adults in Singapore Can Help You

Customisable Syllabus with actionable goals that are specific to your employees’ individual needs for more effective learning.

We allow students to practice English during lessons through student centred activities such as role plays, presentations, and discussions with other like-minded adults.

Focusing on industry specific language in Singapore and vocabulary to give students the confidence to succeed.  

What our students say:

Like most students growing up in Korea, I was able to read and write in English, but conversation had always been my weakness. I looked for a language centre which could help bring my conversation to business level, and ULC was the perfect place to achieve my goals.

The teachers from ULC are full of experience and knowledge in various fields, and this enabled me to expand my vocabulary and to speak more formally and confidently. Teachers willingly embraced my suggestions and used the best learning method to suit my needs.

Thanks to ULC, I could not only finish my training program successfully, but also gain confidence in English. For anyone who seeks to improve their business English, I highly recommend ULC.

Se Young

Assistant Sales Manager

When I first came to Singapore for my training program, I was introduced to ULC by my HR Manager.

After studying for 6 months in the Essential English course, I switched over to Business English, which really helped to improve my business vocabulary, and more importantly my confidence in speaking English in and around my office. I would like to recommend this business course for any working adults who are weak in English, because the personal relationship built between students and teachers is very close, making the atmosphere in class very comfortable and warm. Therefore, I never had any hesitation to speak English during the class.

I learned very quickly that fluency was as important as accuracy and that helped me a lot when having to speak English in business situations and enjoyed these classes very much. 

Kota Yamanishi

Chemical Manufacturing Trainee

During my English lessons with ULC, I was able to get more practice in speaking and making conversations. My pronunciation, grammar errors, and incorrect expressions were corrected in a friendly yet professional way.

The teachers were very experienced in organising classroom activities to help us get more effective practice. I feel that I have improved my speaking skills using a wide-range of topics. In Business English, I learned a lot of new vocabulary, phrases, and useful expressions, which continue to help me to communicate with my colleagues and customers better.

My teachers were knowledgeable, friendly, and patient when teaching and answering my questions whenever I asked them.  ULC’s lessons definitely helped in making me a more confident English speaker.

Violet Hu

Sales and Marketing

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