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Our English for Professionals classes combine English language with professional skills training, to bring out the best in your employees’ talent. Our classes are created to be relevant to your business context, increase your employees’ confidence and productivity, and help deliver on your diversity and inclusion initiatives. We provide public courses, in-house courses, private lessons and an exclusive short-notice on-demand service for helping with urgent emails, speeches, and other types of communication. We even provide language orientation lessons for native English speakers so they better understand the perspective of non-native English speakers!

Discover how our packages will help your employees’, and how the packages can also be extended to include their spouses and children.

Our Clients:

The importance of English for Professionals Classes

Despite Singapore being an international hub, with diverse nationalities living and working in Singapore, most business conversations and meetings are conducted in the English language. Your company will surely have talented employees who speak a variety of languages, but some of them will not speak English as a first language. Our courses are customised to help them learn relevant language, and professional skills, so they quickly find their confidence to effectively communicate in the workplace.

The Students

Main Challenges:

Below are the main challenges experienced by students working in an English language working environment.

    • Unable to effectively engage during meetings and conferences because of a lack of confidence and practise in speaking in the English language.
    • Critical mistakes made during business negotiations, or important policy requirements are not followed, because of miscommunication or misunderstandings.
    • Productivity levels are lower because it takes them much longer to write and understand emails, and engage with other forms of communication in the English language.
    • They are unaware of foreign business customs and cultures.

How English for Professionals Classes Help Students

  • Increased confidence and competence to work in an English language working environment.
  • More motivated and they feel like part of the team.
  • Increased productivity.

ULC’s English for Professionals Teaching Method

We analyse the needs of your business and employees, and create customised syllabuses with actionable goals, and measure progress. This assures that the lessons are aligned and relevant, and the results meet and exceed your expectations.

We teach professional skills that are derived from industry best practices, and then simulate real-life situations to activate the learning. This assures that the students are equipped with the right tools, and have the confidence to succeed in an English-speaking working environment.

 English for native english speakers

Our main aim is to help your employees’ whose first language isn’t English. However, you can also experience significant efficacy gains from your native English language employees learning to adjust their communication style. Below are the main issues that are experienced by native English speakers who communicate to a diverse international audience. They are unaware of the:


  • challenges non-native English speakers experience with trying to understand the English language.
  • difficulties caused by using verbal and written communications that are lengthy, and use jargon and colloquialisms.
  • time that secondary English speakers need to translate from English language to their native language and vice versa, especially while speaking.
  • different levels of English ability in a multinational environment.

What our students say:


Se Young

Assistant Sales Manager, Click here for testimony


Daisuke Mano

Daisuke Mano, Sales Manager, Kuraray Asia Pacific, Click here for testimony


Violet Hu

Sales and Marketing, Click here for testimony

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