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Texting in English

What does it mean???????????? Do your English speaking friends send you text messages that you cant work out? Do your colleagues use strange language in emails? It's really common for native speakers to use abbreviations and acronyms in written language especially in text messages and email. Here is a list of some commonly used ones Read more


This is an acronym: FERO It stands for Federal Electronic and Robotic Operations. Acronyms are made by taking the first letter of each of the words you want to use and using these letters to create a new word. Lots of people have heard of acronyms, but few have heard of their weird cousin, the Read more


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Here’s an unusual sentence I found: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Now, before you ask, this is not a mistake. This is an actual English sentence. Let’s try to understand it. First of all, here’s the vocabulary you need: Buffalo: a city in New York buffalo: a verb meaning to intimidate (depending Read more

[March_excursion] National Gallery에 다녀왔어요!!

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      이번 3월 나들이 행사는 학원 바로 옆에 위치한 National Gallery 였습니다.  현대 동남아시아 예술에 전념 한 세계 최초의 박물관이라고 합니다.  오늘은 Matthew 선생님과 Mark 선생님이 함께 했습니다.  신청 인원이 거의 30명이나 되어 보조 선생님과 스탭이 따라 나섰습니다 !!      이번 전시 주제는 '미니멀라이즈' 였습니다. 물론 이 주제 말고도 다양한 주제의 전시들이 Read more


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