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Music Genres

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Music Genres There are many different genres of music. Each genre has many sub-groups that define types of music more specifically, and that is why it is so confusing for English Language Learners. Pop Music: A form of music that originated in its modern form in the United States and United Kingdom during the mid-1950s.

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Is English Missing Something?

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Take a look at this sentence: Everyone needs to hand in their assignment to the teacher. Is there anything wrong with it? Most people would say no, and I would agree with them; however, if you’re obsessed with having perfect grammar, you might not like it. Here’s the problem: their is supposed to be plural, and

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Stative Verbs

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Stative verbs what are they? how do I use them? A stative verb is a verb which expresses a state instead of an action. Stative verbs usually relate to our thoughts, brainwork, senses, relationships, emotions state of being and measurement. Some examples of stative verbs are – love, hate, own, have, need, want,hear,smell,recognize,agree,appreciate,appear,know,weigh,wish. We don’t

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