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Business English

Helping to improve your Business English and personal development skills

This class uses customised course materials relating to business while incorporating debate and conversation using real-life topics. You will learn business terms and expressions widely used in business. This class not only improves your Business language but also your personal development skills.
Recommended for Students who:
  • do not have confidence speaking with colleagues or in meetings.
  • have difficulty speaking accurately in English.
  • would like to improve their English fluency skills.
  • want to improve all aspects of their Business English.
Levels: Intermediate to Advanced
Class Size: 3 to 8 Students
Students: Expat Business Professionals
Style: Conversational

Flexible Courses

Flexible courses are available for Business English. Students can take as many lessons as they pre-registered and have all classes taken within the expiry period. These courses are especially useful for business men and women who are unable to commit regularly over a long time-span still wish to improve Business English. Our flexible courses are available up till 36 classes for 8 months.
Please refer to course schedule for pricing and schedule details of flexible courses

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