If you’re considering taking English classes but are worried about not knowing anyone in the class, try finding a friend to do it with. With someone familiar studying alongside you, it can be fun and exciting to learn a new language together. In addition, the two of you will help each other improve your skills faster than if one of you was on their own. Here are some benefits of applying for English courses with a friend. 

1. Boost Your Confidence

For starters, know that you’ll be encouraged to answer or converse with someone else in English when participating in classes. Being in a class with people you don’t know can, however, make you overthink how others may react. As a result, you may not be as confident to speak up. It can be reassuring to have a friend accompanying you, which can sweep away the shroud of shyness and make you feel more comfortable, especially in the initial stage of getting to know the rest of your classmates.

2. Avoid Procrastination

Throughout the course of learning English, it is also understandable when you stumble on certain concepts and find them difficult to grasp. However, in between school or work, it may become hard to dedicate the time to revise what you’ve learnt and catch up on these concepts. You may find yourself studying it at the last minute, which is a common mistake made by many English learners. Consequently, it is possible to lose interest in English and sooner or later, studying English can seem more like a chore than a hobby. 
To combat procrastination, having a friend can inspire you in many ways. Together, you can make plans to study English and encourage each other along the way. With time and practice, you can progress much faster to achieve fluency.  

3. Clarify, Compare, and Revise Your Notes

Taking down notes will be essential when learning English. But at times, it may not always be possible for you to write down those notes perfectly. As a result, you may miss out on some important tips.
You and your friend can sit down to revise and compare your notes after English classes. In this way, you can confirm what was covered in the course with your friend and proceed to the next class with a clearer understanding.
Additionally, your friend can be a great help in the event you miss your classes. 

4. Practice English Conversation To Make It Perfect

To learn English, you will have to practise it regularly. But the main problem is, you may not have anybody to converse with. Additionally, when it comes to preparing for a spelling test before class, you may not remember all those phrases and words on your own within a short time. 
Whether it is having someone to memorise words with to test each other or practising English conversations with, your friend can rectify your mistakes and likewise, you can correct your friend’s as well. 

5. Have Fun Learning English

In a nutshell, you can get a hang of vocabulary and grammar rules more effectively with your friend. You’re less likely to feel shy in class and most importantly, you can ultimately enjoy the process of learning English more by having a friend by your side. It can be much easier to learn daily English conversations easily and quickly in Singapore. If you’re interested in studying English, rope your friend in to get started in our Essential English courses. Or with your colleagues at work, you can consider taking up business English courses and improve in English together. Alternatively, if you prefer a one-on-one setting with your English teacher, you may also consider private English lessons at ULC
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