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Texting in English

What does it mean???????????? Do your English speaking friends send you text messages that you cant work out? Do your colleagues use strange language in emails? It's really common for native speakers to use abbreviations and acronyms in written language especially in text messages and email. Here is a list of some commonly used ones Read more

Stative Verbs

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Stative verbs what are they? how do I use them? A stative verb is a verb which expresses a state instead of an action. Stative verbs usually relate to our thoughts, brainwork, senses, relationships, emotions state of being and measurement. Some examples of stative verbs are – love, hate, own, have, need, want,hear,smell,recognize,agree,appreciate,appear,know,weigh,wish. We don’t

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Phrasal Verbs

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PHRASAL VERBS Phrasal Verbs what are they? Why do native speakers use them so much? Why are they so confusing? Native English speakers are constantly using phrasal verbs and they use them with such ease but for someone learning English they can be very confusing and very annoying. They are very common in English as

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