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This is an acronym: FERO It stands for Federal Electronic and Robotic Operations. Acronyms are made by taking the first letter of each of the words you want to use and using these letters to create a new word. Lots of people have heard of acronyms, but few have heard of their weird cousin, the Read more


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Here’s an unusual sentence I found: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Now, before you ask, this is not a mistake. This is an actual English sentence. Let’s try to understand it. First of all, here’s the vocabulary you need: Buffalo: a city in New York buffalo: a verb meaning to intimidate (depending Read more

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Allow me to introduce to you, what I like to call, the three silent “Superstars” of the English Grammar: the verbs “Be”, “Do” and “Have”! Of course you’ll often see them holding the main role in a sentence, like in the following:       I am a student. I have a sister. I do

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What if? IF We use if to introduce a possible or unreal situation or condition.   Possible / Might happen If my friend visits Singapore, I will take him to Gardens by the Bay. He might not come! If I have time tonight, I will do my homework. I am very busy though. I might

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