1. What are your class sizes?  
  • For group lessons, our class sizes range from 3 to 9 students.


     2. When can I start to join one of ULC’s classes?
  • After the level test, students can join anytime as long as the preferred class’s size is smaller than 9 students.


    3. When I have some errands or have travel plans, what should I do for the missed lessons?
  • We understand that students have busy lives, and we want to help. Whether you are going on holiday or just feel like taking a day off, we can either arrange a make-up lesson for you or just extend your course period, you won’t miss out anything.

    4. Are there any intensive courses for me?
     (e.g. everyday, more than 2 hours per day)
  • Students who want to improve their English in a short period could consider joining more than 1 course ( You are able to join both Monday/Wednesday/Friday course & Tuesday/Thursday course) and attend 2 lessons (Total 4 hours) per day.


    5. Besides regular English class, do you also hold seminars, activities, or events for students?
  • Yes. We hold 4 regular school parties yearly (Chinese New Year Party, Summer BBQ Party, F1 Party and Christmas Party) and we hold English Excursions every month, taking students to all kind of places like museums, cultural tours, and even English Karaoke.     
  • This will not only help students to know more about different students from other classes but also help students immerse in an English speaking environment.