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Message from the Director

“To build confidence in speaking a second language and to create a language learning community.”

Hello students!  My name is Matthew Fast, and I am the Managing Director of United Language Centre. In 2012, after living and working for more than 6 years at a variety of private education institutes in Singapore, I made the decision to pursue my dream of owning and operating a language centre. So, in October 2012, United Language Centre was born with a focus on the student. I decided that the key points to having a successful language centre was to have small class sizes, provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, give confidence to its students, and to enable students to become part of a language learning community.  These core values have enabled us to focus on treating students like students, and not like customers.

Today, ULC has more than 200 students, from more than 20 countries and as of 2018 we have taught and inspired more than 1000 students. As for me, I continue to teach as ULC continues to grow, because it is my passion to give students the confidence to use English in the real world, and be part of the community that we are trying to build!  I am very excited to meet you and I hope to see you in class soon!



Matthew Fast

Our Educational Goal

At ULC, We promise to provide the highest quality English lessons in Singapore providing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere which we hope allows you to step out of your comfort zone and speak a second language with confidence! Our goal is not only to provide you with a place to improve your English, but to provide you with a place where you can meet and make new friends! We are truly building a language learning community. Whether you are a housewife, businessman or anything in between, you will find yourself at home here at United Language Centre.

Key Highlights of ULC

Learn why ULC is the choice of students just like you

Experienced Teachers:

At ULC, our teachers are all qualified and experience English speakers. ULC teachers are chosen not only for their qualifications, but also their personalities to ensure an excellent classroom and school environment!

Free Trial Lesson:

At ULC, all new students are offered a free 2-hour trial lesson before they decide on registering for class. This allows the student to get a feel for the class and make a more informed decision.

Guaranteed Class Days

If there is a public holiday or other school closure during a scheduled class, the missed class is not counted and your lessons will be automatically extended. This means that you get exactly what you pay for!

Make-up Session

ULC allows students to make-up classes which they have missed. We understand that students have busy lives, and we want to help. Whether you are going on holiday, or just feel like taking a day off, you won’t miss out!

Additional Benefits to Students!

  • Self-Study Lounge

    We provide self-study rooms free of charge for students who wish to read books or need a space to study by themselves. This area is also open to our students’ children to study if they have the day off, and mom still wants to come to English class!

Our Facilities

Feel free to use our study space to finish up your homework after class, or to read a book you have borrowed from us. Grab a cup of coffee or a cup of hot tea and relax! Even feel free to ask one of our teachers for help with your work!


Location and Map

Enjoy a convenient location to study English in Singapore, just minutes from City Hall MRT with access from both the red and green MRT lines.

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